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    Compressed gas cylinder instrument and precautions

    • Last Update: 2014-12-24
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    In organic chemistry experiments, compressed gas cylinders sometimes use gases as reactants

    For example, hydrogen and oxygen will also be used as protective gas, such as nitrogen and argon

    Some gases will be used as fuel, such as gas and liquefied gas

    All these gases need to be packed in special containers

    It's usually a compressed gas cylinder

    The gas is stored in the cylinder at a higher pressure, which is convenient for transportation and can be used for very pure gas at any time in the general laboratory

    Due to the high pressure compressed gas contained in the cylinder, it is necessary to pay strict attention to safety when using, otherwise it will be very dangerous

    The pressure of compressed gas commonly used in organic chemistry laboratory is close to 200 atmospheric pressure

    The whole cylinder body is very solid, and Zui is easy to be damaged

    It should be the exhaust valve installed at the cylinder outlet

    Once the exhaust valve is damaged, the consequences are unimaginable

    Therefore, for the sake of safety, a cover should be installed on the exhaust valve

    In addition, these compressed gas cylinders shall be kept away from fire sources and corrosive substances, such as acid, alkali, etc

    The compressed gas cylinder used in the laboratory is generally about 160cm in height and about 70-80kg in gross weight

    For such a huge object, if it is not fixed, once it falls down, it will certainly smash things or hurt people, not to mention the danger of high-pressure gas itself

    Therefore, for safety reasons, the cylinder should be fixed in a certain place, such as at the table or at the corner of the wall (as shown in Fig


    In order to facilitate the transfer, the special cart is generally selected (as shown in Fig


    How to correctly identify the type of gas in the cylinder is also a very important thing

    Although all gas cylinders are labeled to indicate the type and purity of the gas contained in the cylinder, these labels are often damaged or rotted

    For the sake of safety, all compressed gas cylinders will be painted in different colors according to certain standards according to the gas they contain.
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