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    Concrete sealing curing agent construction process and required construction tools

    • Last Update: 2021-01-19
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    China Coatings Online News Information: Concrete sealing curing agent is a colorless transparent liquid products, non-toxic environmental protection, flame retardant, easy to use, strong permeability, long service life. In 2008 by Fivans Building Materials Co. , Ltd. research and development success, and applied for an invention patent, (patent number: ZL2008101974138) to become the latest fourth generation of concrete sealing curing agent products. Fivans combined with many years of professional construction experience, specially organized a complete concrete sealing curing agent construction process and concrete sealing curing agent needs what tools, but also let customers prepare tools first to avoid delays.
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    Do the machinery and tool accessories required for concrete sealing curing agent site:
    main machinery: floor grinder, vacuum cleaner;
    auxiliary accessories: wiper, dust push, spray pot, water cannon, hand polisher
    (1) resin Grinding tablets: (50, 150, 300, 500, 800, 1000, 2000, 3000)
    (2) grass-roots treatment: thorough cleaning, removal of debris on the ground, oil pollution, conservation agents, etc.
    (3) Rough ground: floor grinder assembly 50 s resin grinding, to maintain a slow and uniform speed cross-grinding, until the concrete surface exposed fine bone material; Assemble the 150-resin grinding chip again with the same construction.
    (4) penetration curing: the material in unit dosing 0.3KG / square cross even spray on the clean treatment of the substation, pay attention not to leak, keep the ground moist for 30 minutes to make the material fully penetrate, reaction.
    (5) grade water mill: in turn, the use of 300, 500, 800 resin grinding piece with the method of water mill construction.
    (6) dry polishing: to be dry after the water mill construction clean-up of the substation, in turn, the use of 1000, 2000, 3000 , resin grinding piece uniform speed cross-drying polishing is completed.
    (7) corner treatment: for corners and other positions with a hand-held polishing machine grinding, polishing.
    above is the Fivansdy Ping company engineering and construction personnel for our customers to organize the dry goods, there are other technical issues welcome to call you.

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