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    Controlling the quality of real stone paint Formula ingredients is important

    • Last Update: 2021-01-19
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    China Paint Online News Information: To achieve good hardness, good water resistance and good weather resistance, real stone paint formula design is very important. Each ton of high-quality real stone paint composition is about 300 kg of pure propylene emulsion, 650 kg of natural colored stone sand, and other ingredients. High-quality real stone paint is characterized by relatively high amount of emulsion, emulsion solid content of 50%, 300 kg emulsion after drying volume of about 150 liters, 650 kg weight sand volume of about 228 liters.

    also said that at this time the PVC (pigment volume concentration) of the real stone paint is 60%, because the color sand particles are large, irregular shape, in a certain particle size distribution conditions, the dry real stone paint may be in the CPVC (critical pigment volume concentration) or so. In the terms of thickeners, if the appropriate viscosity of cellulose is selected, the real stone paint can form a relatively complete and dense paint film to meet the three major performance requirements of the real stone paint.

    In practice, there are a large number of economical real stone paint, each ton of product formula for emulsion 100 to 160 kg, colored stone sand 750 kg, 20 kg (including film additives, fungicides, thickeners, etc.), the remaining water to complement. This kind of real stone paint PVC is generally between 75% to 85%, after construction drying, real stone paint coating is difficult to form a complete and dense paint film, so how to give full play to the formula with a limited amount of emulsion, so that the coating film as far as possible to achieve uniform film become particularly important.

    economy real stone paint using cellulose thickeners is characterized by high viscosity (molecular weight), due to the increase in the price of cellulose products, the cellulose used from the original 30,000 viscosity into 50,000, 80,000, 100,000, and even useful 200,000, the purpose is to reduce the use of cellulose Volume, cellulose varieties also from hydroxyethyl cellulose (HEC) to the use of hydroxypropylene cellulose (HPMC); HPMC use will significantly reduce the water resistance of real stone paint, then increase the viscosity of cellulose (molecular weight) will be the performance of real stone paint products? The answer is that the film-forming properties of real stone paint will get worse!
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