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    Copper prices fluctuated all the way upward, and the initiative of bulls to increase positions was significantly enhanced

    • Last Update: 2022-12-12
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    Thursday morning Shanghai copper main force opened at 49500 yuan / ton, after the opening copper price all the way to the upside, bulls to increase the initiative significantly enhanced, in the afternoon, copper prices touched 50080 yuan / ton, after a short stay, the end of the session, bulls took profits, copper prices fell slightly, closing at 49950 yuan / ton, up 370 yuan / ton

    Copper prices

    In terms of external trading, London copper opened at 6171.
    5 US dollars / ton, and the copper price rose easily above the 6200 US dollars / ton integer mark at the beginning of the session, and after a short consolidation of 6220 US dollars / ton, the center of gravity rose to 6235 US dollars / ton oscillating operation, with an amplitude of 30 US dollars / ton
    。 In the afternoon, the US dollar rushed back down, copper prices first fell and then rose, briefly tested the intraday low of 6204.
    5 US dollars / ton, continued to rush above 6300 US dollars / ton, to the intraday high of 6308 US dollars / ton, LME copper stocks into another 3475 tons, the high ended the high of London copper fell back, as of 17:50, London copper reported 6282.
    5 US dollars / ton

    In terms of the market, the center of gravity of Shanghai copper moved up, the morning market quotation premium 40 ~ 70 yuan / ton, spot buying is weak, the holder takes the initiative to reduce the price to seek the transaction, the basis of the next month is about 60 yuan / ton, flat water copper leads the downward adjustment, the transaction is concentrated in the premium 20 ~ 30 yuan / ton, good copper reported to the premium 40 ~ 50 yuan / ton, the transaction has improved
    Downstream buying is decreasing, wet copper has been fully discounted quotation, quotation discount 20 yuan / ton ~ flat water
    At about eleven o'clock, the Shanghai copper plate pulled again, the market premium did not follow, the holders were unwilling to sell at too low a price, and the willingness of trade speculators hoped to fully discount the goods, so that the supply and demand sides fell into a stalemate again, the market activity decreased, although the plate rebounded, but the downstream market is difficult to have sustainable optimistic expectations, the market stops and waits to increase
    。 In the afternoon, the market rose sharply, the spot premium basically did not change much from the morning, the downstream fear of heights, the willingness to receive goods is low, traders have certain concerns about the spot premium space in the short term, so the overall transaction is light, flat water copper rose 20 ~ liter 30 yuan / ton, good copper reported up 40 yuan ~ liter 50 yuan / ton, the afternoon transaction price was 49750 yuan / ton ~ 49900 yuan / ton

    According to news, the main union of the Caserones copper mine project in Chile said that the last round of salary negotiations with project operator Lumina Copper broke down, and the strike was imminent, while the negotiations between Escondida, the world's largest copper mine, and BHP Billiton negotiations also entered the final stage, exacerbating the uncertainty of the copper market; China's July CPI was 2.
    1% year-on-year, higher than the expected 2% and the previous value of 1.
    9%, rising oil prices pushed CPI back to the "2 era", economic data improved to boost market sentiment, or support copper prices rebound

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