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    Copper prices rose slightly inside and outside, but market demand remained weak

    • Last Update: 2023-02-02
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    Copper prices rose
    slightly last week.
    Last week's release of the US GDP growth in the third quarter was revised upwards more than expected, and stronger data led to higher expectations of hawkish interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve, and the dollar and US Treasury yields rose for a while
    However, the Bank of Japan's unexpected "interest rate hike" in disguise put pressure
    on the dollar index.
    November's economic data were released one after another, and due to the impact of the epidemic, the overall data continued to fall as expected, which also made the market's confidence in the future fall.

    After the relaxation of domestic epidemic prevention, the epidemic rebounded significantly in various places, coupled with the approach of the Spring Festival, many factories entered the holiday
    ahead of schedule.
    In the near future, China will continue to receive the impact of the epidemic in the short term, but the policy of stabilizing growth will also continue to be introduced, and the expectation of domestic economic recovery in the medium term will remain maintained

    Copper prices

    The market continues to pay attention to the changes in interest rate hike expectations in the United States and the economic situation
    after the adjustment of domestic epidemic prevention and control policies.
    On the supply and demand side, in overseas markets, global copper mine supply has been disrupted, and large-scale protests have recently broken out in Peru, affecting local production and transportation
    Domestic consumption off-season superimposed on the impact of the epidemic, market demand remained weak

    Last week, the pattern of weak supply and demand in the copper market became more and more obvious
    At the same time, domestic production and imports are difficult to recover sharply during the year, so domestic inventories will remain low, and the obvious accumulation time may be postponed until the beginning of next year, which has some support
    for copper prices.

    Overall, although macro expectations continue to improve, the end of the domestic year is approaching to superimpose the impact of the epidemic, downstream processing enterprises have been on holiday, terminal actual demand is weak, but inventories at historical lows will support copper prices, and copper prices are expected to remain volatile

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