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    Cost rise, factory price rise, retail price rise of some household common drugs

    • Last Update: 2019-01-15
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    Recently, the weather is cold and more people have a cold

    Many people will go to the pharmacy to buy some medicine to treat the cold and fever

    Some people found that the price of some common cold drugs and anti-inflammatory drugs is much higher than before

    According to the reporter's interview yesterday, influenced by factors such as the rising price of raw materials, the rising cost of labor and transportation, and the tightening of relevant management regulations, the purchase price of many drugs has increased significantly, and the retail price of drugs has also been increased in drugstores

    "A few days ago, my son got flu

    I went to the drugstore next to my school to buy cold medicine

    I found that the price of many medicines had risen a lot." Yesterday, a parent of a group of parents in Gulou Experimental Primary School said that she went to the drugstore to buy medicine and found that the price of cold medicine and some commonly used home medicines for anti-inflammatory and pain relief had risen

    Other parents also said that in recent years, the price of many household commonly used drugs in drugstores has indeed risen rapidly

    For example, the price of a box of Ganmaoling granules is now 18 yuan, 8 yuan higher than that at the beginning of last year; the price of Banlangen tablets has increased from about 1 yuan per box at the beginning of last year to 3 yuan per box; the price of watermelon cream containing 8 yuan per box is now 14 yuan per box

    In addition, the unit prices of Sanjiu Weitai, Qiangli loquat dew and Huanglian Shangqing tablet have generally increased by 5 to 10 yuan, and the prices of some vitamin tablets and calcium tablets have increased by 30 to 40 yuan per bottle, from 70 to 120 yuan per bottle to 110 to 150 yuan per bottle

    The reporter visited many chain drugstores in the city yesterday

    The managers of these pharmacies told reporters that the prices of some drugs had indeed risen

    They said that parents are mainly concerned about cold drugs, gastrointestinal drugs and health care products

    In fact, some anti-inflammatory drugs have increased even more

    For example, erythromycin ointment rose from 0.5 yuan per bottle in 2017 to 4 yuan per bottle this year

    The compound berberine tablet, which also has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, rose from about 5 yuan per bottle in 2017 to about 15 yuan per bottle this year

    "The rise in the price of household commonly used drugs is mainly due to the rise in the price of raw materials and the rise in the ex factory price of drugs, which leads to the rise in the retail price." According to the person in charge of a chain drugstore in Fuzhou, the rise in the price of raw materials, the increase in labor and transportation costs, and the tightening of relevant regulations have led to a rise in the price of many drugs

    For example, the prices of traditional Chinese medicine, such as Atractylodes lanceolata, the main raw material of Huoxiang Zhengqi liquid, and honeysuckle, the raw material of honeysuckle granules for clearing heat and detoxification, soared last year, which led to the rise of the prices of traditional Chinese medicine

    "The price of 100 bottles of compound licorice tablets is 10.54 yuan per bottle, and in March 2018, our purchase price is about 5 yuan per bottle, double." The person in charge said that the new version of the food and pharmaceutical industry production quality management specifications is now in force

    In order to meet the requirements, pharmaceutical manufacturers need to upgrade their equipment and raise their production costs a lot.
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