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    Countdown to G20 Summit, coating companies refresh the city

    • Last Update: 2021-07-24
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       Global Coatings Network News: The

    eleventh Group of Twenty (G20) Leaders Summit will be held in Hangzhou from September 4 to 5, 2016.
    This is China's most important home diplomacy this year.
    At that time, China will make full use of the G20 stage, build consensus, and launch the "China Plan", so that both the world economy and the future development of the G20 will leave a "Chinese mark".
    As the first city in China to host, the G20 Summit will bring many opportunities and challenges to Hangzhou and surrounding areas.

    Global Coatings Network News:

    Countdown to G20 Summit, coating companies refresh the city

    Painting, make the city better

    In the early stage of the G20 Summit, whether it was the construction of venues or the renovation and transformation of the city, paint workers were busy in every corner of Hangzhou.
    The summit brought good exhibition opportunities to paint companies.

    Jiabaoli Industrial Paint is honored to provide anti-corrosion coating products and professional coating services for the West Lake venue of the Hangzhou G20 Summit.
    The main products include high-performance epoxy zinc-rich primer, full-effect epoxy mica intermediate paint, and aliphatic polyurethane topcoat.
    The products are mainly used in the main steel structure of the West Lake venue.

    As Hangzhou Xiaoshan District issued the "Proposal on Actively Cooperating with the Centralized Renovation of Color Steel Houses (Shacks)", in order to comprehensively enhance the image of the airport city, welcome the G20 summit with a good environment, and provide various types of color steel houses ( Sheds) buildings (structures) are intensively renovated.
    Any color-steel house (shed) buildings (structures) with visual pollution and obstructive views shall be modified in accordance with the regulations on the material or color of the roof and facade.
    In harmony with the surrounding environment, the market's demand for gray steel coatings has sharply increased, and water-based industrial paints have been used on a large scale.
    Many coating companies in the industry, such as Carbo-Li, Zhejiang Bridge Paint, Zhongan Paint, Esman, etc.
    , are actively participating in the Hangzhou Urban Renewal Project.
    Scenic spots, old towns, old houses, courtyard walls, street green belts, guardrails, street lights, etc.
    Poles, signposts, steel frame structures, pedestrian bridges, etc.
    are refreshed everywhere.

    Environmental protection, make the sky cleaner

    Environmental quality assurance for the G20 summit is one of the challenges.
    Earlier, Zhejiang Province issued the "G20 Summit Construction System Environmental Quality Assurance Work Plan".
    The "Plan" clarified that the shutdown time will be from August 26 to September 6, and the scope of the shutdown involves 11 cities in Zhejiang Province.
    Among them, in order to ensure the environmental quality of the G20 summit, Hangzhou city and county levels have entered the most stringent period of environmental protection law enforcement, focusing on the investigation and remediation of prominent environmental problems existing in key regions, industries and enterprises.
    We will focus on checking whether the enterprises in the industrial park have any illegal activities such as waste water that cannot meet the standard discharge stably, abnormal use of pollution prevention facilities, and unlawful discharge and leakage; air pollution law enforcement, we will deal with printing, petrochemical, chemical, surface coating, pharmaceuticals, and other illegal activities.
    Industries such as plastic products, auto repair shops, and dry cleaners carry out large-scale inspections of volatile organic compounds, and severely investigate and deal with pollution prevention facilities that have been leaked, leaked, and abnormally operated.
    At the same time, 10 cities in Zhejiang, represented by Hangzhou, will strictly regulate the transportation and management of hazardous chemicals during the G20 summit.

    In the "G20 Summit Shanghai Ambient Air Quality Assurance Plan" released in Shanghai, it is clearly stated that during the G20 Summit, that is, from August 24 to September 6, 2016 (14 days in total), there will be 255 petrochemical, steel, and cement producers in the city.
    Companies limit production to stop production to ensure air quality.
    Require petrochemical and chemical companies to prohibit parking operations and maintenance and control operations.
    Support and encourage relevant enterprises to properly arrange annual production plans, and implement shutdown overhauls during the guarantee period of the conference.
    Strictly control the discharge of fugitive waste gas in the production process of petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, surface spraying, printing and other industries.

    According to the “Work Plan for Air Quality at the G20 Summit in Jiangsu Province”, under the guidance of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Wujiang District in Suzhou City is designated as a strictly controlled area, 8 cities along the river are designated as a control area, and 5 cities in northern Jiangsu are designated as a cooperative area.
    Three major categories of measures are pre-conference rectification, meeting period guarantee, and emergency guarantee.
    13 provinces-administered cities have set a list of production restrictions based on actual conditions, initially expelling more than 200 coal-burning companies and more than 1,000 industrial companies, and clarifying control measures.

    In order to ensure the air quality during the G20 Summit, Shandong Province will have nine cities in Shandong participating in air quality assurance as cooperating cities, namely Jinan, Qingdao, Zibo, Weifang, Jining, Rizhao, Laiwu, Linyi, and Liaocheng.
    During the G20 summit, once there is a change in regional meteorological conditions, the above-mentioned 9 cities will mainly control enterprises with elevated sources (exhaust chimneys above the ground 45 meters above the ground) in their jurisdictions, and take measures mainly for the steel and cement industries.
    (Source: Global Coatings Network) (For more information, please log in: Global Coatings Network
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