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    Counterfeit brand-name fire protection paint was found on the site

    • Last Update: 2021-01-26
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    it is understood that the champion group located in Honglan Town, Sushui District is a set of
    research and development, manufacturing, sales in one of the national torch program high-tech enterprises, it owns the "Whale Sea" industrial paint and "champion" natural paint two brands, both trademarks are well-known trademarks in China, well-known trademarks of the province. A total of three trademarks in Sushui District were named well-known trademarks in China, and the Champion Group accounted for two. "However, as the market grows in popularity, there are more and more fake and inferior coatings on the market." Champions Group officials say three cases of counterfeit paint have been discovered in recent years.
    " Our paint has now been sold all over the country, in addition to Tibet and Hainan, other provinces and cities have our dealers, our service maintenance personnel will often go to the site to see the use of paint, did not expect, June 3 in Nantong this site found counterfeit
    proof paint
    . The person in charge said that upon receiving the report, they immediately contacted the Sushui District Market Supervision Bureau, the bureau's inspection team and trademark section staff and the relevant person in charge of the Champion Group immediately went to Kaidong to fight fraud. With the cooperation of local law enforcement officials, 70 barrels of counterfeit "whale sea" fire protection paint were found at the scene.
    Upon investigation, the person in charge of the site said that they were only processing on behalf of, and retroactively, a contractor surnamed Yu admitted that he had provided the counterfeit "Whale Sea" fire-resistant paint, but he also purchased it from the market and could not remember where it had entered, and there was no invoice. The staff of the trademark section of the Sushui Market Supervision Bureau said that the counterfeit paints have been seized by the local market regulatory authorities in Kaidong, exactly where the fake nests are made, how to punish them, and how to further deal with them by local law enforcement authorities.
    According to the introduction, these counterfeit paint a barrel selling price of about 200 yuan, and the genuine "whale sea" fire paint a barrel market price is four or five hundred yuan, "although the price is much lower, but the genuine paint if caught in fire will produce a layer of flame retardant foam material, can prevent the spread of fire; Therefore, if the building accidentally used counterfeit fire protection paint, there will be a great security risk. The staff said.
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