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    Crack the cold chain food packaging disinfection problem Yan Ruitang low temperature disinfection liquid in the world

    • Last Update: 2021-02-10
    • Source: Internet
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    As the Spring Festival approaches, market consumption continues to grow, but many imported cold-chain foods have detected new crown viruses.
    Tianjin ice cream used imported whey powder, Jiangsu Wuxi imported car, Guangdong Zhongshan imported frozen chicken wings, etc. , many imported food packaging tested positive for the new crown virus nucleic acid, so that the "cold chain" "virus" "positive" and other keywords once again into the public eye.
    Zhang Lubo, chief expert in disinfection at the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said that disinfection of cryogenic freezing is more difficult than conventional disinfection.
    Because in the low temperature situation, the disinfection effect held by the ambient disinfection liquid decreased significantly, especially after the article or the overall environment freezes, the ambient disinfection liquid completely lost the disinfection effect, which is also the cause of imported cold chain food nucleic acid positive detection rate significantly increased.
    , in order to solve the problem of cold chain food packaging disinfection, on the basis of long-term research and experiments, Yan Ruitang cryogenic table disinfection liquid was successfully developed, and has been listed.
    the disinfection liquid has, in the low temperature environment to effectively solve the cold chain products packaging disinfection capacity, not only in line with the National Health and Construction Commission on disinfection products requirements, but also to fill the gaps in similar products at home and abroad technology.
    It is understood that Yan Ruitang cryogenic table disinfectant is a brand-new compound preparation, because its ingredients contain antifreeze factors, so that the disinfectant in the environment of -30 degrees C can still complete the killing work, while the conventional low temperature disinfection liquid can only complete -18 degrees C environmental disinfection.
    chlorine dioxide disinfectant, Yan Ruitang cryogenic table disinfectant can achieve effective anti-virus effect in 1.5 minutes, the overall killing rate is higher than 99.9%.
    At the same time, with its fast, accurate, hard disinfection ability, not only can destroy the influenza virus contained in the warm food packaging, Staphylococcus auspicious and E. coli, but also destroy the low-temperature cold chain packaging covered by the new coronavirus, influenza A virus and so on.
    about the safety concerns of users, Yan Ruitang cryogenic table disinfectant also solves it perfectly.
    as the latest developed disinfection products, it once again strengthens the safety ratio in the ingredients, the core ingredients are environmentally friendly, no carcinogenic residues, the intensity of stimulation is weak, all users can use with peace of mind.
    the necessary consumables for disinfection at low temperatures during the normalization of the new crown-positive packaging of cold-chain foods.
    Yan Ruitang will uphold the "safe production rest assured use of effective disinfection" concept, and constantly provide consumers with safe and efficient low-temperature disinfection products, for the cold chain logistics industry epidemic prevention and control, contribute their own strength.
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