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    Crude oil direct olefin projects have also entered the market

    • Last Update: 2023-01-05
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    Recently, the Shandong Heze Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government held a demonstration project promotion meeting for crude oil catalytic cracking to olefin (UPC) in Dongming Petrochemical Group, scheduling progress, studying work measures, and fully promoting the early start and construction
    of the project.

    Heze City is actively promoting the UPC demonstration project
    Previously, in early September, at the press conference on the theme of "Shandong in the Decade of Heze" of the Heze Municipal Party Committee of the Communist Party of China, Zhang Xinwen, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, said that the UPC project has made significant substantial progress, and if it is approved for construction in the near future, it can form an investment of 65 billion yuan within 3 years, which is expected to become one of
    the largest high-end manufacturing projects in the province.

    The technology of "direct production of olefins using crude oil as raw material" has always been a "stuck neck" problem
    restricting the transformation of China's petrochemical industry.
    In order to overcome this problem as soon as possible, Dongming Petrochemical cooperated with China University of Petroleum (East China) and the State Key Laboratory to jointly develop UPC technology, built a 50,000 tons/year UPC technology industrialization test device on the basis of small and pilot tests, and successfully tested and started on January 18
    , 2022.

    Due to the gradual saturation of the crude oil processing market, refiners should vigorously develop an integrated refining and chemical production mode in the future to improve the yield of crude oil to chemicals
    For existing devices, we should vigorously develop green process technology, accelerate the application of energy-saving equipment, improve the energy efficiency of the device, and reduce emissions

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