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    Current Commentary: "You don't need to wear a mask when you drink Baiyunshan Isatis root from the mouth"?

    • Last Update: 2021-05-07
    • Source: Internet
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    Sickness enters through the mouth, misfortune comes through the mouth, and "goods" also come through the mouth .

    Illness comes in from the mouth, disaster comes out from the mouth, and "goods" come out from the mouth.

    On April 19, at the signing ceremony of Boao Sina Finance Qinghua Lang’s Night, the chairman of Guangyao Group talked freely, “Baiyunshan’s Banlangen doesn’t have to wear a mask once you drink it.

    Of course, some people will say that this is humor and it is ridicule, but this occasion is not a private gathering, not a spit meeting.
    This is not the first time that Banlangen has been linked to the epidemic.
    As early as 2003, when SARS occurred, it sold a lot, and the new crown epidemic also took advantage of the wind to rise.

    Not only are products selling fast, but stocks are also booming.
    On October 16, 2020, Baiyunshan's A shares and H shares rose sharply.
    A shares rose by a daily limit, H shares rose by 13%, and the total market value rose by nearly 5 billion.
    Of course, on October 18th, a clarification notice was issued.
    It is said that the anti-coronavirus in vitro test carried out by Banlangen particles will need to be further worked on, and there is still a certain degree of uncertainty.
    At this time, the temperature must be lowered, otherwise the big hat that interferes with epidemic prevention is probably coming soon.
    Moreover, Academician Zhong also came out to clarify that the relevant news is taken out of context, and in vitro inhibition does not mean prevention or treatment.

    Of course, this is not the first time that the chairman of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group has spoken out a golden sentence.
    At the China Medical Industry Forum in the past few years, the chairman, according to the research results of the national 863 plan, "drinking Wanglaoji can extend life by about 10%.
    On the spot, he received high recognition from the president of Shenzhen BGI Gene and applause from the guests.

    It is understandable to praise your own product endorsements.
    But everything must be abided by a principle, enough to stop, too much is not enough.
    Especially for medical supplies, everything must be supported by data, so don't confuse commercial propaganda with the uniqueness of medical products.

    Apart from other things, if I drank Banlangen and chose not to wear a mask, can I claim for the new crown? Besides, if the new crown can really be prevented, is it necessary to promote the vaccine?

    Don't forget that vaccines are injections, and the production environment is much higher than that of oral preparations of Isatis indigotica, and the use of injections itself is stricter than oral medicines.
    If Banlangen can prevent the new crown, then there will be no such thing as a series of vaccine companies such as Kexing and Beijing Biological.
    The cost of direct promotion of Banlangen can be much simpler than that of vaccines.
    At least the logistics cost does not need to consider low-temperature refrigeration, which can save a lot of medical expenses.

    In addition, even though Radix isatidis is an OTC medication and can be bought without a doctor's prescription, it also has its own instructions after all.
    As far as the Baiyun Mountain Banlangen manual is concerned, there is no mention of new crown prevention.
    Then, is this "not wearing a mask" promotion considered as an off-label drug promotion?

    Any drug promotion or advertisement must comply with the contents of its instructions, otherwise it will be fined if it receives a warning.
    For example, a TAP drug Lupron was approved to treat prostate cancer in 1985, but its medical representative used it to treat uterine fibroids when promoting the drug.
    In 1990, it was warned by the US FDA and later imposed a huge fine for commercial bribery.
    Therefore, all countries are the same, and drug advertisements must be based on the therapeutic use specified in the instructions.

    Since the announcement was made in October 2020, as the chairman of the board, there must be reasons to know whether Banlangen is effective against the new crown virus.
    Of course, it is not ruled out that there are new clinical trial data support now.
    If so, please provide it.
    After all, everyone is looking forward to having a drug to prevent the new coronavirus.

    Will it be the same as the "Never Compromise" Tesla, fearing that the brake data will be hyped and refuse to provide it? We dare not guess more.
    But what is clear is that according to the country's concern about the epidemic and the demand for medical insurance control fees, eating Banlangen will never have the effect of vaccinating and wearing a mask, otherwise it will not be so close and long-term, and simple and complicated.

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