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    Daily review of BPA: shrinking demand

    • Last Update: 2021-04-25
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    [China Epoxy Network (China Epoxy Industry Online) www.
    cn] October 20, 2008: The domestic bisphenol A market is low and the demand is bottlenecked, and the trading day (October 17) ) The mainstream transaction price in East China in the mainstream market once again fell to 12,600-12,800 yuan/ton, and the low-end was reduced by 400 yuan/ton and the high-end was reduced by 200 yuan/ton.
    According to the analysis of market experts from the China Epoxy Industry Association (www.
    cn), the market price on the same day widened the gap and formed a new range, the price and no market conditions continued, the transaction was almost stagnant, and there were few shipments.
    According to the record, the focus of reference negotiations is getting lower, some small foreign orders are slightly higher, and lower limited transactions are also heard; the downstream epoxy resin market is sluggish, due to the increase in the backlog of finished products, the heavy resistance to shipments, and the frequent downward adjustment of raw materials is unstoppable, so The downward pressure on prices is heavy, and some have been forced to reduce production or stop production and consume warehouses to avoid further losses.
    As a result, there are few buyers entering the market.
    Only inquiries for goods are based on price comparison.
    Market shipments are almost stagnant; raw material cost support is falling.
    , Is an important factor in the market's continued adjustment, but it is definitely not the whole problem.
    The decline of BPA is not only caused by the loss of raw materials.
    The crux of the problem is the shrinking demand.
    Furthermore, there is a large room for decline in the external market.
    The current market confidence collapses and the fear of falling is serious.
    ; The current global financial market is turbulent, the economy has entered an extraordinary period of recession, petrochemical products have generally plunged, and the price of direct raw materials has continued to fall.
    Expected to be confused.

    On the last trading day (October 17), the domestic bisphenol A market continued its downward trend.
    There were only a small number of downstream purchases in the market, and spot transactions were extremely rare.
    The raw material phenol ketone continued to decline, and the basic raw material pure benzene plummeted by 500.
    The overall market confidence was totally lacking.
    , Prices continue to decline all the way, the decline in ocean shipments is particularly strong, having broken the 13,000 yuan/ton mark; downstream epoxy resin demand continues to weaken, raw materials are being purchased and the demand for goods continues to shrink, even though the Olympics has been over for some time.
    In Japan, various restrictions have been "opened", but the start of the operation is still not satisfactory.
    Manufacturers have lowered their prices, weakening each other with the market and raw materials; negotiations on the external market are unusually light, and many inquiries are intended to "inquire about prices" and interest.
    In view of the continued weakness of China’s spot stocks, most regional suppliers do not have clear quotations, so talks and reports are the main focus, and the pressure on shipments is increasing.
    According to market experts from the China Epoxy Industry Association (www.
    cn), the mainstream quotation in East China is 12800-13200 yuan/ton, the mainstream transaction price is 12600-12800 yuan/ton, and the price is reduced by 200 yuan/ton.
    The low-end price is lowered by 400 yuan/ton/ the high-end price is lowered by 200 yuan/ton; the mainstream quotation in Huangshan area is lowered by 13000-13300 yuan/ton, 200 yuan/ton, the mainstream transaction price is 12700-13000 yuan/ton, and the low-end price is lowered by 500 yuan/ton/ The high-end price is reduced by 200 yuan/ton; the mainstream quotation in North China is 13000-13300 yuan/ton, the lower is 200 yuan/ton, the mainstream transaction price is 12800-13000 yuan/ton, the low-end is lowered by 400 yuan/ton/ the high-end is lowered by 200 yuan/ton; South China The regional mainstream quotations are 13300-13700 yuan/ton, down 200 yuan/ton, mainstream transaction prices are 13100-13300 yuan/ton, low-end prices are lowered by 400 yuan/ton/high-end prices are lowered by 200 yuan/ton.

        The weakness of the spot and the decline in the external market are inevitable.
    Domestic bisphenol A manufacturers are helpless and pessimistic about the market outlook.
    Each factory has no good countermeasures, unable to stabilize the market, just wait-and-see, unclear prices, lack of offers, all have downstream supporting facilities, and the scale of export is very limited.
    The overall characteristics are: limited output, low inventory, little export, and weaker influence , Production reduction and operation, very few shipments, limited sales are mainly for self-use; at present, the benefits of all parties are very limited, but Bayer Shanghai’s second polycarbonate plant is expected to be a positive after the completion and investment of the machinery, but it will be built later Installation-Sinopec Mitsui's 120,000-ton/year installation is planned to be put into operation from October to November.
    According to market experts from the China Epoxy Industry Association (www.
    cn), on the same day: Bayer Shanghai closed the disk, the pre-ex-factory price was 17,700 yuan/ton, most of which were self-supporting and limited export scale, 110,000 tons/year The load of the phenol A plant is relatively low, and the load of the 100,000-ton/year polycarbonate plant is relatively low.
    The second set of 100,000-ton/year polycarbonate plant is planned to be mechanically completed in October; Wuxi resin is sealed, and the initial price is 17500-18000 yuan/ Ton, the product is mainly for self-use, and the export quantity is not large, mostly for its own epoxy resin production, 16,000 tons/year bisphenol A unit has been shut down for maintenance on April 17, and the restart date has not been determined.
    25,000 tons/year bisphenol A unit The operation is normal, and the 90,000 tons/year bisphenol A plant in Nantong is under construction, and the commissioning time is postponed to the first quarter of 2009; Zhongxin Chemical’s ex-factory price is 16,700 yuan/ton, and the 25,000 tons/year bisphenol A plant has a low operating load.
    The main supply is supporting epoxy resin equipment; Sinopec Mitsui's 120,000-ton/year equipment is coming to an end, and it is planned to start production from October to November.

    (Our reporter Xi Shi)

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