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    Daily review of epichlorohydrin: few discussions

    • Last Update: 2021-04-25
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    [China Epoxy Network (China Epoxy Industry Online) www.
    cn] News on June 18, 2009: The domestic epichlorohydrin market continues to rise and is still picking up.
    On the last trading day (June 17), the mainstream transaction price in the mainstream market in East China formed a platform of 9,500-9,700 yuan/ton, and the high-end price increased by 200 yuan/ton.
    According to the analysis of market experts from the China Epoxy Industry Association (www.
    cn), the market sentiment was thin on that day with very few transactions.
    Affected by the upward adjustment of manufacturers’ quotations, the market continued to rise, and downstream demand remained sluggish and increasingly resisted.
    Strong, there is currently little news about transactions.
    Domestic manufacturers have moved away from the demand side and raised their quotations, increasing the wait-and-see atmosphere in the market and the lack of transactions.
    The raw material propylene market is trending smoothly.
    The negotiation level in Shandong area is 7000~7150 yuan/ton.
    The manufacturers have a strong intention to push up and the market response is relatively light; the liquid chlorine market is restricted by some manufacturers to limit production and the tight supply situation is slightly eased.
    The factory price in Shandong area is 900 ~1000 yuan/ton, the overall market is acceptable.
    Recently, international crude oil fluctuated and propylene rose slightly and then stabilized.
    Manufacturers ignored demand and took advantage of the trend to increase.
    Terminal demand has not improved substantially, and the resistance is strong.
    Market transactions are slightly difficult.
    In short, the quotation has risen and the downstream has conflicted, and the raw materials have temporarily stabilized.
    Mainly, downstream manufacturers are more cautious in receiving goods, the market continues to fluctuate within a narrow range, the low-end negotiating focus is slightly higher, and the transaction is weak.
    The spot has not been rushing along with the adjustment, and the demand cannot bear the weight of the adjustment.
    The manufacturer's operational trends and execution determination are still It is an important aspect that affects the trend of the market outlook.

        On the last trading day (June 17), the domestic epichlorohydrin market continued to improve slightly, the center of gravity continued to rise, unified formation of high-end, downstream digestion of early inventory mainly, receiving goods cautiously, narrow fluctuations in the market, and average transactions; supported by costs , Merchants have strong intention to pull up, and individual temporary closures, low-price resources in the market are gradually hard to find, but downstream follow-up is weak, terminal demand is still weak, and the market continues to operate within a narrow range.

    Throughout the day, the transaction was in a narrow range and the transaction was average, and the transaction center continued to move closer to the high level.

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