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    Daily review of epichlorohydrin: shock and warming

    • Last Update: 2021-04-24
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    [China Epoxy Network (China Epoxy Industry Online) www.
    cn] News on April 7, 2010: The domestic epichlorohydrin market oscillated and rose slightly.
    On the last trading day (April 06), the mainstream transaction price in East China in the mainstream market began to form a range of 14,100 to 14,300 yuan/ton, with an increase of 100 yuan/ton.
    According to the analysis of market experts from the China Epoxy Industry Association (www.
    cn), the bottom of the market talks on that day rose, and individual manufacturers raised the price, and the focus of market talks shifted accordingly.
    Merchants holding goods were cautiously bullish and quotations increased.
    The market is closed without reporting, the overall supply of spot goods is sufficient, the fluctuation of cost factors is not obvious for the time being, the downstream entry into the market is even more unintentional, and the transaction is small.
    In view of the cautiously bullish domestic market, market participants cautiously wait and see the trends of major manufacturers.
    Some buyers have bullish expectations, their enthusiasm for entering the market has risen slightly, and suppliers’ quotations have been pushed up in a timely manner.
    However, the mentality of the industry is also divided.
    The problem of spot market supply has made some people unpredictable, but the cost support, the early price bottoming process, and the sell-off have already The pressure on shipments has been greatly eased, so the overall mentality is slightly calm.
    This week the key lies in the following aspects: the operation of the main manufacturers and the market participants cautiously wait and see.
    How far can the market go after the Ching Ming Festival? It is difficult to make a clear judgment for the time being that international crude oil is so strong in the broader market, and whether propylene can reproduce last year in April-the rapid advance and retreat market-which will have an impact.
    In short, the follow-up production and sales of domestic manufacturers, as well as downstream consumer demand, etc.
    , need further time certification , It is expected that the week will be mainly high-level shocks and focus on the evolution of market supply and demand.


        On the trading day (April 06), the domestic epichlorohydrin market was temporarily stable and slightly increased.
    The market opened at the beginning of the month and the manufacturer's price increased.
    The bottom of the market and the focus of negotiation shifted upward.
    Market participants waited for the manufacturer's dynamics.
    It's mediocre, the market is stable, and the rhythm is calm.
    The raw material propylene fluctuated mainly within a narrow range.
    Shandong region rose, North China followed up, and the northeast and northwest regions were stable.
    It is rumored that some installations will increase in load in April.
    Downstream and intermediate businesses are cautious and wait and see; the liquid chlorine market is trading sideways at a high level.
    The epoxy resin market has been reorganized at a high level and the start-up has been maintained, and the raw material costs have been promoted as a whole.
    Demand for laminates and powder coatings has improved, supported by a strong rise in the external market, and some manufacturers have an optimistic attitude; in view of the sufficient supply of epoxy resins and demand constraints, some market participants said , The rate of increase may be limited.
    The overall market negotiation pace is peaceful, and the production and sales trends of manufacturers are still an important reference for the market.
    The weekend market fluctuates mainly in a narrow range.
    It will take time to verify the trend in April.
    According to market experts from the China Epoxy Industry Association (www.
    cn), the mainstream quotation in East China is 14000-15500 yuan/ton, the mainstream transaction price is 14100-14300 yuan/ton, and the increase is 100 yuan/ton; The mainstream quotation in Huangshan area is 14000-15500 yuan/ton, the mainstream transaction price is 14200-14300 yuan/ton, and the low-end price increases by 200 yuan/ton; the mainstream quotation in North China is 14000-15500 yuan/ton, the mainstream transaction price is 14000-14200 yuan/ton The high-end price is raised by 100 yuan/ton; the mainstream quotation in southern China is 14500-16000 yuan/ton, and the mainstream transaction price is 14600-14800 yuan/ton.


        Domestic epichlorohydrin manufacturers have partly adjusted upwards and mostly maintained.
    Buyers purchase on-demand as a whole, and manufacturers' shipments can be flat.
    According to the introduction of market experts from China Epoxy Industry Association (www.
    cn), Bohui Chemical’s ex-factory price is 14,500 yuan/ton (including freight), 8+8+80,000 tons/year installation load operation, output The cargo is general, the contract supply is the main, and the current main stable operation; Tianjin Chemical’s ex-factory price is 14,200 yuan/ton (including freight), the increase is 200 yuan/ton, the 28,000 tons/year device is shut down for maintenance, and the 33,000 tons/year device is operating normally.
    General sales, contract-based; Xinyue Chemical closed the disk, early-stage 14,500 yuan/ton (including freight), 3+30,000 tons/year, stable operation, 70% start-up, contract-based, general shipment; Qilu Petrochemical’s ex-factory quotation 14,200 yuan/ton (including freight), 400 yuan/ton increase, 32,000 tons/year installation load 50%, contract-based, normal delivery, and walking volume; Yangnong Chemical’s ex-factory price is 14,500 yuan/ton (including freight) , 3+30,000 tons/year equipment is operating normally, the load is relatively high, most of them are for self-use, and some are exported; the factory quoted price of 14,000 yuan/ton (including freight), the 40,000 tons/year device starts smoothly at full load, and it is expected to go further Follow-up adjustments, products are mainly for core users; Huaxiang chlor-alkali seals, early stage 13,500 yuan / ton (including freight), 35,000 tons / year equipment shutdown for maintenance; Baling Petrochemical's ex-factory price is 15,500 yuan / ton (including freight), 3.
    2 The 10,000-ton/year device is operating normally and the load is relatively high.
    It is mainly for self-use and a small amount of external supply; Anbang electrochemical seals, the initial ex-factory price of 6,500 yuan/ton (including freight), the 20,000-ton/year device has been restarted, and the load is half.
    There is a certain maintenance plan for the follow-up, and the specific time has not yet been determined.


    (Our reporter Xi Shu)


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