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    Danaher Life Sciences and Magnesia Technology have reached a strategic partnership

    • Last Update: 2022-09-14
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    August 31, 2022, Beijing,

    Li Lei, President of Danaher China Life Science Platform,
    and Mr.
    Qiao Zhixin, Co-Founder and Senior Vice President of Magnesia Technology, signed a strategic cooperation agreement
    In recent years, with the rapid development of the life sciences industry, the demand for automation of laboratory scenarios has become increasingly prominent
    On the one hand, the life sciences have moved from experimental science to data science, and the demand for massive data in fields such as drug screening, targeted drug development, and gene sequencing has increased dramatically, and the traditional processing efficiency has been unable to meet the needs of scientists; On the other hand, in the clinical diagnostic laboratory scenario, the test results are required to be faster and more accurate, have complete traceability, and meet a series of requirements such as certified quality standards
    In this context, Danaher Life Sciences and Magnesia Technology are strongly combined, relying on Danaher Life Sciences' advanced sample processing technology and products, from tissues, cells, to molecules multi-dimensional observation and analysis technology, as well as professional team of scientists in the field of biopharmaceuticals, gene drug development, molecular diagnostics, Magnesia Technology combines its own advanced intelligent automation platform, strong system integration capabilities and open and flexible software applications.
    Jointly develop a laboratory automation overall solution with the advantages of high intelligence, high throughput, and scalability, with a view to promoting R&D efficiency and business innovation
    Wang Chengzhi, Chief Scientist of Magnesia Technology, said at the signing ceremony: "With the advent of the Era of Industry 4.
    0, the biomedical field has also put forward higher demands
    for R&D and production efficiency.
    Since its inception, Magnesia has focused on deeply integrating intelligent automation technology into industry applications
    The Magnesia Kunpeng Laboratory explores intelligent automation solutions
    in a variety of scenarios such as drug development, molecular biology, and cell biology.
    Danaher Life Sciences has a reputation in the life sciences field with a number of advanced sample processing and detection and analysis systems
    The strategic cooperation between Magnesia Technology and Danaher Life Sciences will focus on solving industry pain points such as high cost of trial and error, poor consistency of experiments, and low data traceability, and help the great improvement
    of life science research and development and production efficiency.

    Chengzhi Wang, Chief Scientist of Magnesia Technology, delivered a speech
    As the three key subsidiaries of Danaher Life Sciences participating in the cooperation, Mr.
    Zhou Wei, General Manager of Meigu Molecular Instruments China, Mr.
    Yan Jun, Sales Director of Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, and Ms.
    Zhang Kerong, Director of Markets at SCIEX, respectively introduced their companies and technologies
    Zhou Wei introduced the urgent needs of Meigu Molecular Instruments, which focus on the human inability of scientists to do so, from biological discovery to compliant data management, to provide technologies and solutions for life science workers to help drug discovery and basic research
    Yan Jun introduced how Beckman Coulter Life Sciences helps life scientists accelerate scientific discovery and transformation, and introduced
    the positioning and solutions of the four major product lines of flow cytometry, centrifuges, liquid handling workstations, and particle analysis.
    Starting with SCIEX's more than 50 years of innovation, Ms.
    Zhang Kerong introduced how SCIEX's mass spectrometry and capillary electrophoresis technology enables the research process
    from scientific research to routine analysis in the fields of pharmaceuticals, clinical testing, life science research, food, environment, and forensics.


    Representatives of the leaders of danaher life sciences' three subsidiaries spoke
    In this partnership, the two parties will focus on intelligent automation solutions
    in multiple biopharmaceutical fields.
    China's biopharmaceutical field has developed rapidly in recent years, but its research and development process is cumbersome and complex, most of which relies on manual processing, which is not only time-consuming and laborious, but also has problems such as manual operation errors affecting test results and biosecurity risks, which has become one
    of the main factors restricting the efficiency of biopharmaceutical research and development.
    Through this collaboration, Danaher Life Sciences and Magnesia Technologies will work together to create an intelligent automation solution for the biopharmaceutical industry, realize the full process automation from sample pre-processing to data analysis, reconstruct the new drug research and development process, and comprehensively improve the research and development efficiency
    Danaher Life Sciences offers total solutions from "antibody R&D", "process development and preclinical studies", "process scale-up and clinical studies" to "commercial production", which provide customers with high-throughput, more complete product technologies and services
    that meet regulatory requirements according to different stages of biopharmaceuticals.
    Danaher Life Sciences and Magnesia Technology will also carry out in-depth cooperation around the process development of biopharmaceuticals and the intelligent upgrading of quality control, providing better solutions for the development of laboratory automation equipment and process upgrades
    Through this strategic cooperation, the two sides will contribute more to promoting the intelligent automation upgrade of China's biopharmaceutical industry


    Li Lei, President of Danaher China Life Science Platform, delivered a speech
    Li Lei, President of Danaher China Life Science Platform, said: "Since June 2019, with the establishment of several major Danaher business platforms in China, the pace of Danaher localization in China has continued to accelerate
    Among them, Danaher Life Sciences, as one of the main business segments of Danaher, takes the needs of local customers as the core, and under the local grand strategy of Danaher to create China, it is also striving to accelerate the innovation and development of China and serve the high growth of
    the Chinese market.
    This time, Danaher Life Sciences and Magnesia Technology reached a strategic cooperative relationship, hoping that the cooperation between our two sides can continue to deepen, through automation and artificial intelligence as the core of innovative technologies, improve experimental efficiency, so that scientists can be liberated from repetitive manual experiments to focus on higher value work, bringing changes
    to the traditional experimental process.
    Huang Yuqing, Founder and CEO of Magnesia Technology, delivered a speech
    Huang Yuqing, Founder and CEO of Magnesia Technology, said, "The strategic cooperation with Danaher Life Sciences, a global innovator in the field of life science services, is a milestone in the strategic layout of Magnesia in the life sciences field
    We very much look forward to the future of the two sides will be more open innovation, hand in hand with a win-win strategic partnership, in the field of laboratory automation to carry out extensive and in-depth frontier research, with AI+ automation to accelerate the development speed and boundary exploration of the life science industry, to further shorten the process of drug development and marketing, in the human health and longevity of the big proposition of contribution
    Group photo of danaher life sciences and magnesia technology strategic cooperation signing ceremony
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