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    Dandelion Water Lift

    • Last Update: 2020-06-12
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    Extracted from: This product is chrysanthemum plant dandelion Tararacum mongolicum, Hand.-Mazz., alkaline dandelion rac taraum borealboisinense Kitamcharacter" this product is green-brown to dark brown powder, the active ingredients are soluble in methanol, ethanol, acetoneidentification: Take this product and ethanol to make 5% solution for test ingeTake dandelion standard control of 2.0g, heated water 30rnl, 80 oC ultrasonic extraction 30 minutes, the filter steamed dry, residue plus ethanol 1 ml to dissolve as a control liquidTake the above two liquid s10 sl each, respectively, on the same silicone G board, one point four board(1) is carried out with chloroform, sprayed with 5% phosphoric acid solution, hot wind(2) is expanded by positive butanol-acetic acid-water (4:1:5) and sprayed with potassium iodide solution(3) is expanded in butylet-meth-water (7:2.5:2.5) and is viewed under UV lamp 365nm(4) expanded in ethyl acetate-acetone-ice acetic acid-water (8:4:03:1), sprayed with 5% aluminum tetrachloride ethanol solution, and under UV lamp 365nmmore than four plates, fluorescent spots and visible spots corresponding to the rate of 80%Starch: No positive reaction (Appendix II)Moisture: No more than 5.0% (Appendix IX) H)Ash: No more than 4.0% (Appendix IX.K)Heavy Metals: No more than 10ppm (Appendix IX.E)Arsenic Salts: No more than 2ppm (Appendix IX.F)dextrin: No more than 2.0% (Appendix IV) Leaching) asothed of a water-soluble leaching method (Appendix X A), a thermal leaching rate of not less than 94% the main treatment of the function of the liver, bile, antibacterial, enhanced immunity, the treatment of stomach ulcers storage is cool, dry and light-proof
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