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    Darzalex opponent + 1! Johnson and Johnson work hand in hand with genmab to develop a new generation of CD38 antibody

    • Last Update: 2020-06-19
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    Johnson & Johnson's Janssen Pharmaceutical and genmab announced today that they have signed an exclusive global agreement to develop and commercialize a new generation of human CD38 monoclonal antibody product, hexabody-cd38The product incorporates gemab's proprietary hexabody technology< br / > according to the agreement, genmab will fund the research and development activities of hexabody-cd38 until the completion of the concept validation study of multiple myeloma and diffuse large B cell lymphomaBased on the data from the study, Janssen has the option to obtain a global license to develop, manufacture and commercialize the hexabody-cd38< br / > If Janssen exercises the option, it will pay genmab a $150 million option exercise fee, a development milestone of up to $125 million, a 20% royalty based on sales volume from the time the product is launched to 2031, and then a 13-20% layered royaltyIf Janssen does not exercise the option, the terms of the agreement allow genmab to continue to develop and commercialize hexabody-cd38 for use in patients with refractory darzalex, as well as for all other indications other than the approved or under development indications for multiple myeloma and amyloidosis of darzalex< br / > this collaboration is based on the results of a preclinical study conducted by genmab on novel CD38 targeting conceptsFor hexabody-cd38, genmab has obtained very promising preclinical data in multiple myeloma, lymphoma and leukemia models, and shows that in these tumor types, hexabody-cd38 may be superior to darzalex, and may expand and extend the potential of CD38 targeted therapy for more patient groups< br / > hexabody-cd38 is positioned as a new generation product of darzalex < br / > Johnson & Johnson's cooperation with genmab can be traced back to 2012, when Johnson & Johnson acquired the right of daritanumab (active drug ingredient of darzalex) with more than $1 billionDarzalex is a heavyweight product born from this cooperationIt is the world's first CD38 targeted and cytolytic antibody drug with broad-spectrum killing activityIt can combine the transmembrane extracellular enzyme CD38 molecules highly expressed on the surface of multiple myeloma and a variety of solid tumor cells, and induce the rapid death of tumor cells through a variety of immune-mediated mechanisms, At the same time, it has been proved that it can target immunosuppressive cells in tumor microenvironment< br / > this drug is a very important product in Johnson & Johnson oncology pipelineUp to now, darzalex has been approved by many countries in the world as a single or combination therapy for multiple myelomaIn addition to multiple myeloma, it is also being developed for other types of tumors with high CD38 expression< br / > darzalex is one of the most successful new drugs in recent yearsIn 2018, the global sales exceeded 2 billion US dollars, and this year is expected to reach 3 billion US dollars Evaluatepharma predicts that global sales of the drug will exceed $5 billion in 2024 Some analysts pointed out that in the long run, the drug has a chance to break through $10 billion < br / > the cooperation of hexabody-cd38 is a new generation of CD38 targeted antibody, which is positioned as an upgraded product of darzalex Johnson & Johnson expects that this product will have the opportunity to be used in the darzalex resistant patient population, and will have the opportunity to expand the application of CD38 targeted therapy to the market beyond multiple myeloma < br / > the market competition of multiple myeloma is bound to be extremely fierce in the future Sanofi's CD38 target drug, isatuximab, has been successful in phase III clinical trials and plans to apply for marketing later this year In addition, a series of bispecific antibodies, antibody drug conjugates and car-t cell therapy for BCMA target have also obtained strong therapeutic data in clinical research < br / > however, in this cooperation agreement with genmab, Johnson & Johnson has developed a very favorable transaction structure, which enables it to compare the clinical data of hexabody-cd38 with the product data of its competitors before exercising the option If not, there will be an opportunity to terminate the cooperation in a timely manner < br / > reference source: < br / > [1] J & J takes option on genmab follow-up to darzalex < br / > [2] J & J bags $150m option on genmab's darzalex successor < br / > [3] genmab and Janssen team up to develop next generation CD38 antivirus
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