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    Data of 60 million people in 14 countries: the effect of HPV vaccine on different age groups is different

    • Last Update: 2020-06-19
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    An important new study launched by the lancet has included data of 60 million people in 14 countries, providing the latest evidence of the effect of HPV vaccine on different age groups in HPV infection, cervical lesions, genital warts and other aspects< br / > screenshot source: The Lancet < br / > led by researchers from the University of Laval, Canada, conducted a systematic evaluation and meta-analysis of 65 relevant studies published in 2014-2018, and compared the effects of vaccination on multiple HPV infection outcomes, including 23 on HPV infection, 29 on anogenital warts, 13 on cervical lesions, A total of more than 60 million people in 14 countries have been collected for eight years< br / > by 2015 (due to the observation of long-term effect, we need to backtrack the vaccination situation many years ago), the countries covered by the Institute, except the United States and Australia, have started to recommend men to be vaccinated against HPV, most countries only vaccinate womenThere is a slight difference in the age of routine vaccination for women, mainly covering the age group of 10-13 years old; some countries have launched vaccination catch-up programs, which supplement vaccination for women under 18 years old, while the United States, Australia and Denmark have expanded the age group of female vaccination to 26 years old(in recent years, thanks to the accumulation of scientific evidence, the vaccination age of many vaccines is also expanding, for example, 2-valence sirishi, 4-valence jiadaxiu and 9-valence jiadaxiu are respectively targeted at 9-45-year-old women, 20-45-year-old women and 16-26-year-old women in China.) < br / > the data showed that after 5-8 years of vaccination, 70% of cervical cancer patients had a significant reduction in HPV type 16 and 18 infectionThere was a 83% reduction in HPV type 16 and 18 infection in women aged 13-19, and a 66% reduction in infection in women aged 20-24Among women aged 13-19, HPV infection was also reduced by 54% for types 31, 33, and 45< br / > after 5-9 years of vaccination, cervical lesions also decreased significantlyCervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN) is usually classified into several grades: cin1, 2 + or 3 +, the higher the number, the higher the risk of developing invasive cancerFrom the perspective of course development, Cin2 + lesion is a better indicator to represent the risk of cervical cancerIn the screened population, Cin2 + lesions were reduced by 51% in women aged 15-19 and 31% in women aged 20-24In most unvaccinated women over the age of 25, Cin2 + lesions increased significantly< br / > ▲ in countries with high coverage of HPV vaccine, cervical Cin2 + lesions in young women decreased significantly after 7 years of vaccination, while the risk of those who were not vaccinated at the age of 25 and above increased significantly (picture source: reference [1]) < br / > the confirmed cases of anogenital warts also improved significantlyAfter 5-8 years of vaccination, the risk of anogenital warts was reduced by 67% in women aged 15-19, 54% in women aged 20-24 and 31% in women aged 25-29It is worth noting that men are also protected only when women are vaccinatedAmong boys aged 15-19, the risk of anogenital warts decreased by 48% and men aged 20-24 by 32%< br / > in terms of vaccine coverage, countries with multi-age vaccination and high popularity have faster and stronger vaccine protection effect In these countries, five to eight years after vaccination, the diagnosis of anogenital warts in women under 20 years of age and men decreased by 88% and 86%, respectively In countries with a single age group or low prevalence, this figure is only 44% and 1%, respectively Similarly, in high coverage countries, Cin2 + lesions in women aged 15-19 years have decreased by 57%, and in low coverage countries, this effect has not yet occurred < br / > ▲ in countries with a wide age range and high prevalence of HPV vaccination (blue line), the risk of anogenital warts in women (a) and men (b) at all ages is significantly reduced (picture source: reference [1]) < br / > overall, the protective effect of the vaccine on young people is more obvious, and at the same time, women at a larger age can still benefit from vaccination < br / > the team points out that the conclusions observed in different countries are similar as the follow-up time increases However, in this study, there is no further distinction between the specific effects of different vaccines and different vaccination procedures Professor Marc brisson, the study's co-author, also pointed out that the situation of HPV vaccination is constantly changing, for example, some countries are changing from three doses to two doses, or men can also be vaccinated, and so on "It is important that we continue to understand the full impact of HPV vaccination." < br / > the first author, Dr m é Lanie Drolet, University of greater Laval, said: "there is strong evidence that HPV vaccination can prevent cervical cancer in the real world, including the reduction of HPV infection and cervical precancerous lesions The results support expanded coverage and vaccination of women of multiple ages " < br / > reference < br / > [1] m é Lanie Drolet, et al., 2019 Population level impact and her effects following the introduction of human papillomavirus safety programs: updated systematic review and meta-analysis The language, 10.1016/S0140-6736(19)30298-3 [2] The Lancet: HPV vaccination programmes have substantial impact in reducing HPV infections and precancerous cervical lesions Retrieved Jun 27, 2019, from [3] Vaccination programs substantially reduce HPV infections and precancerous cervical lesions Retrieved Jun 27, 2019, From < br / > original title: how bad is the effect of HPV vaccine on different ages? The lancet publishes data of 60 million people in 14 countries
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