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    Dealers how to choose the cooperative manufacturers to get the ideal brand distribution rights

    • Last Update: 2021-02-24
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    News: In a large number of marketing practices, the author in addition to helping manufacturers to achieve market success, but also to help dealers cope with a new round of dealer shuffle market competition, dealers how to deal with a new round of shuffle? Distribution channels, is quietly taking place a great change, with the previous rounds of money, than the strength of the survival of the fittest, the new competition is no longer capital, customer, brand competition, but more is the dealer strategic level of competition.
    how to obtain the distribution rights of best-selling
    dealers found good products, how to get how to get the distribution rights of the ideal brand? It's like the shrewd girl's topic, "How to marry a rich man?" There
    no doubt, as long as follow the strength of the manufacturers, get the agency or dealers, do not have to worry about rich, then, how to attract manufacturers to their own attention? Here are a few familiar cases.
    Guangdong Qingyuan City, in this small county town in northern Guangdong, there is a nine-nine shop, the boss was originally a school teacher, turned into a business within a few years, on this dozen square meters of small shops, into the most potential local dealers, but also made a number of well-known brands of distribution rights, why?
    the boss is very willing to brains, a small shop, how to develop, business is also a big deal, to do big, but also to become a dealer, think about the manufacturers most like what kind of dealers? is the most capable and obedient dealer.
    he first obtained the distribution rights of a small product, and then began to strengthen management, but also to make an image. He took the lead in establishing a set of rules and regulations, and all hung on the wall of the shop - so that manufacturers come will also see, this system is small enough to go to the following counties and cities to make phone calls have provisions, telephone charges are not issued monthly according to the quota, but the actual number of occurrence, hit the list, full reimbursement.
    , warehouse, finance every department has a system, and seriously implement.
    He also bought some marketing books to show you, write clearly on the blackboard every day, all employees go, what to do, complete what tasks, so he did not take a few years to develop from a storey store to a distributor with several large brands of products, and is still in the same city dealers surprised by the rapid development, the market network day by day, vehicles are also more, the warehouse is renting bigger, business is getting bigger.
    He likes to read books and newspapers, to have marketing knowledge, and manufacturers of sales staff have a lot of common language, can form a resonance, and there are success stories, successfully pushed open one or two brands, so he has also become a sought-after goods.
    He knows the importance of developing a network
    he doesn't pick up brands easily, especially competitive brands, and maintains loyalty to existing brands, so dealers are very good and strive to build a good reputation in the industry.
    savvy condiment dealers do this:
    #. Many people are friends to get the agent human rights, the two sides are more trusting, cooperation is very happy.
    #, there are orders to meet
    # the needs of the market; They tend to do a lot of work in the region, know what the industry in other regions sell well,
    #, from above to learn the information. Hebei Baoding has a dealer, long-term set the "China Food News", he learned from above a message, ice milk can be good to sell, so he boldly purchased, soon sold out, after the initial war, found Zhongshan, Guangdong, looking for this ice milk production enterprises to talk about the issue of agency, finally got an enterprise's agency, soon to do business red.
    how to judge the strength of the manufacturers
    there is no manufacturer's support, dealers themselves to operate a good product, the difficulty is great. Here is a new question: how to identify the powerful manufacturers?
    generally speaking, before the powerful manufacturers find themselves, their own strength should be sufficient, first of all, financial strength; These four points of their own conditions, often not sequential, sometimes, the conditions are not good, but their own thinking, enthusiasm is enough, but also can win the distribution rights.
    can make friends all over the world, especially in the same circle of friends, exchange information, peers are friends, but also a family, make good friends with people, exchange of information, mutual speculation.
    the opportunity of dealer associations, sugar wine fairs, trade fairs to expand communication. There are many opportunities to bring you opportunities, one is through the manufacturer's dealer conference. Some dealers go to the factory there to meet, often to eat and drink, to enjoy a few days, the result hurt the body, time is also wasted. And other dealers take advantage of this opportunity to take the initiative to attack, take advantage of various opportunities to know the various colleagues and friends in the north of Tiannan, sincerely consult them, exchange with each other. Since everyone does business in one place and does not create competition, most dealers are willing to communicate with each other. In this exchange process, dealers can learn about other products they have not operated in other parts of the country sales, go back to the initiative to contact manufacturers.
    Is an enterprise has the strength, this can start from who he uses, where to start, whether the product is famous, whether it is a regional brand name, how to sell elsewhere, how the market control ability, management ability, is not a good profit margin, reasonable profit
    ; One is an industry conference, such as sugar wine party, brand-name products rarely participate in sugar wine party, but this is not a bad thing for dealers, because, through this opportunity, to know some new enterprises, new products, new sales ideas, some new friends, just a few days, the harvest is not small.
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