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    【Deep Coating Society Popular Science Knowledge】Establish a light material market, EPP has become the new favorite of the automotive industry

    • Last Update: 2022-11-15
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    Whether it is the traditional car industry or new energy vehicles, automobile lightweight is the first problem to be solved, how to reduce automobile fuel consumption, reduce exhaust emissions, improve mileage, improve vehicle handling and safety is an important issue
    for every car manufacturer to consider.

    EPP materials are widely used in the automotive industry, automotive industry, car bumpers, side shock cores, seats and other automotive interior decoration parts need foam materials to make
    with light specific gravity, good energy absorption and recovery performance, seismic and compressive resistance, non-toxic environmental protection and other characteristics.

    So in what ways does EPP material make it the new favorite of the automotive industry?

    Contribute to energy conservation and emission reduction
    EPP is a new type of environmentally friendly material, 100% recyclable, even if the car is scrapped, the EPP material inside can be recycled and reused, protecting the environment while reducing material consumption

    Improve the safety factor of
    the car.
    EPP has good impact resistance and shock absorption and energy absorption, when the car hits, the EPP material will absorb most of the impact energy, minimizing passenger injury
    It is often used in car seats, child safety seats, bumpers and other auto parts

    It helps to reduce the weight of the
    whole vehicle.
    The foamed EPP material is composed of solid and gas, and the diameter is generally granular between 2~7mm
    The outer walls of EPP particles are closed, filled with gas, and are lighter
    than conventional materials.
    In addition, designers can define the design according to space and shape, which is the best solution
    to reduce the weight of parts and reduce fuel consumption.

    It is more conducive to improving mechanical strength and prolonging life
    EPP material has a long service life, chemical resistance, no corrosion, no water penetration, due to these characteristics, this material is widely used in the manufacture
    of automotive parts.
    In addition, it is used in places where
    car parts for the production of recyclable transport packaging are transported and stored.

    More conducive to heat and sound insulation, EPP materials provide a high level of heat insulation, vibration reduction, sound insulation and noise
    That is why it is often used for components
    that are installed on the floor or in the trunk of a car.

    The automotive industry is currently the largest consumer market for
    the EPP bubble.
    Over the years, as regulations on carbon emissions have become more stringent, China, the European Union and others have introduced laws on recycling used vehicles, and the demand for EPP bubbles has increased
    Along with the research and development of new technologies, EPP has also contributed to substantial improvements in
    the automotive industry.

    Source: Chinese and foreign coatings

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