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    Deep-cultivated green development, practice the circular economy Hensmai polyurethane Tianjin composite plant smooth test drive

    • Last Update: 2020-06-16
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    On June 11, 2020, Hensmai Group, the world's leading specialty chemicals company, held a flag-raising ceremony for its polyurethane compounding plant in the Nangang Industrial Zone of Tianjin, and announced that the Hensmai polyurethane tianjin compound plant had completed test drive and put into operationThis marks the beginning of the pilot production phase of Hensmay's landmark project, which is laying out north and deepening its commitmentThe President of the Asia Pacific Division of the Huntsman Polyurethane Division and members of the Division Asia Pacific Management Team attended the event.The President of Hensmai Polyurethane Asia Pacific delivered a speech: "Under the outbreak, the smooth progress of the Tianjin plant project can not be separated from the strong support of the Southport Industrial Zone Management Committee and an open and fair business environment." In the face of major emergencies, the determination and execution of the Chinese government and the people to stabilize society and develop our economy have given us confidence in the resilience and potential of China's economyThe Tianjin Composite Plant is the first hensmae Group's first plant in northern China and is of strategic importance to the continued deep cultivation of HensmeWe hope to continue to implement the right strategy at the right time, actively participate in the process of green transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry, use advanced technology to produce sustainable high-performance products, practice the four sustainable innovations as the cornerstone of the circular economy, to meet the growing needs of Chinese customersSince 1992, when it was registered in Shanghai as the first foreign-funded technical service center in the field of polyurethane, and by 2019, he has established its asia-Pacific headquarters in Shanghai, and Hensmae has invested 15 billion yuan in ChinaThe new composite material plant, called "Hensmai Composites (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.", has invested a total of RMB 230 million and has successfully completed all production processes and successfully produced the first batch of polyurethane productsIt is expected that after the official production, the annual production capacity of the Tianjin plant can reach 70,000 tons.Hensmai polyurethane Tianjin composite plant Hensmai polyurethane Tianjin composite plant using the Group's green products Terol ® polyester polyols as raw materials for the production of polyurethane productsTerol ® polyester polyols is a high-quality, environmentally friendly high-performance product developed by Hensmey' Innovations, with up to 60% of its ingredients from recycled PET materialsIt is estimated that Hensmae consumes about 1.44 billion 500 ml of PET (polyphenyl ethylene glycol) plastic bottles worldwide each yearRecently, the completion of the new polyester polyol plant of The Huntsman Group will release the full capacity of 22,000 tons per year, which also ensures the continuous supply of high-quality and environmentally friendly Terol ® polyol raw materials for the Hensman Tianjin plantIn particular, unlike traditional simple production methods, Hensmay starts with front-end equipment input and process technology for secondary processing of recycled plastic raw materialsThe addition of chemical lysate and physical filtration processes, combined with precise control of intermediate production processes and professional quality testing of back-end products, helps customers increase productivity while ensuring the product stability of Terol ® polyester polyolsMoreover, by adding Terol ® polyols to the formula, it can significantly improve the fire resistance and insulation performance of polyurethane foam products, thereby enhancing safety and reducing energy consumption, and helping to transform the green industry in downstream applications such as commercial construction, modern agriculture, cold chain warehousing, industrial pipelines, etc.Hensmae has developed more than 20 Terol ® polyol polyol products, 7 of which have been certified by international authority under writer Underlaboratories Enviornment (UL)for green product properties Hensmay was the first polyester polyol manufacturer to receive this certification.  Not only that, Hensmai polyurethane Tianjin combined material plant from raw material selection to production process, are actively practicing the green and sustainable development approach In the production process, comply with the relevant provisions of the Montreal Protocol and use cyclopane foaming agents that do not destroy the ozone layer As a foaming agent of hard polyurethane foam, the ozone depletion value (ODP value) (1) and the atmospheric warming value (GWP value) (2) are zero, eliminating pollution of the atmospheric environment from the source In addition, cyclopantanyl is flammable and explosive, and the state has stringent requirements for its storage and use The Hensmai polyurethane Tianjin plant has designed a cyclopane production process that is fully compliant with safety requirements, and has obtained certification and approval from the government and professional departments, making the Tianjin combined material plant a truly safe and environmentally friendly green plant In the future, after the official completion and commissioning of the Hensmai polyurethane Tianjin plant, Hensmay will continue to work with partners to focus on downstream industries, continuous innovation, and jointly realize the dual harvest of commercial value and environmental protection mission Hensmay fully practices the circular economy with practical actions, adheres to sustainable development and creates a better future.
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