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    Development of targeted radiotherapy Clovis cooperation

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    3BP's targeted radiological drugs provide a centralized and individualized treatment for cancerThe company's FAP imaging agent can track where the drug goes and monitor treatment outcomesFAP is highly expressed in many cancer-related fibroblasts (CAF), including more than 90% breast, lung, colorectal and pancreatic cancers, and is closely related to tumor growth and proliferationCAF is an important cell in the tumor microenvironment, which runs through all stages, from primary tumors to malignant tumorsBecause FAP is limited in expression in normal fibroblasts, it reduces the likelihood that therapy will work in normal tissuesFAP's small molecule imaging agents have been validated in clinical studies of multiple cancer indications and support further evaluation of peptide-targeted radionuclide therapy3BP's PTRT is considered a form of radioactive drugPTRT combines a small amount of radioactive material (radionuclides) to produce a special type of radioactive peptideRadioactive peptides can identify and bind to specific characteristics of tumors, such as antigens and cell receptorsWhen injected into the patient's blood, the peptides attach to cancer cells or cancer-related matrix cells, providing high doses of radiation to the tumor without affecting normal tissuePhoto Source: 3B Pharmaceuticals Official websiteunder the agreement, Clovis paid about $12 million in advance payments to 3BP to obtain 3BP's exclusive interest in FAP radioactive drugs and PTRT in most countries outside EuropeAfter meeting certain development and regulatory milestones, Clovis will make additional potential milestone payments to 3BPIn addition, the two sides are ready to use 3BP's technology platform to develop three additional radionuclide drugs3BP will be responsible for the development of these three drug candidates, which will be taken over by Clovis and its related clinical studies will continue once determined"We are very pleased to be able to develop this new type of targeted radiological drug therapy,"It could be used in the future to treat a wide range of tumor types, representing the next frontier in oncology drug developmentGiven FAP's high level of expression across multiple tumor types and limited expression in healthy tissue, it is an attractive target," said Patrick JMahaffy, President and CEO of Clovis"
    " for many years, we have been committed to the development of radioactive drug technology platformWe believe this is the best way to provide high-dose radiation therapy for tumors," said DrUlrich Reineke, Managing Director of 3BPIt is hoped that our partnership will accelerate drug development and benefit different types of cancer patientsReferences:3B Deal to Move into Radios, Retrieved September 23, 2019, from2) Clovis Oncology Acquires Rights to FAP-Targeted Radio Supawith Program from 3B Pharmaceuticals, Retrieved De September 23, 2019, from
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