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    Diabetes "free-range", no problem is strange

    • Last Update: 2022-10-13
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    Author: Li Qing, Tianjin TEDA Hospital

    The harm of diabetes "free range", I hope that this case will be a warning to many sugar lovers

    A 57-year-old woman went to the ophthalmologist because her eyes were blurry, and the ophthalmologist looked at the fundus and asked her: Do you have diabetes? She said yes; The doctor asked her how much blood sugar she had? She said she didn't know
    The ophthalmologist told her that you have diabetic retinopathy, and it is estimated that the blood sugar is high, so let her go to the internal medicine department for treatment first

    Internal medicine examination found that her fasting blood glucose was 11.
    5 mmol/L, glycosylated hemoglobin 8.
    8%, urine protein 3+, and urine protein quantification was 1.
    31 g/d
    Not only does she have diabetic retinopathy, but she also has diabetic nephropathy

    Such a serious diabetes and complications, she did not know her blood sugar situation, it sounds a little incredible
    But some people are like that

    She discovered diabetes 5 years ago, when the doctor gave her oral hypoglycemic drugs, one tablet
    a day.
    After five years, one oral hypoglycemic drug per day, no blood sugar was checked, no examination and adjustment treatment was done, so she did not know such
    a serious complication.
    According to the current trend, if it continues to develop in this way, it is not far from blindness and uremia

    In general, diabetes is a lifelong disease, and it is necessary to adjust lifestyle, monitor blood sugar, check the body regularly, adjust the treatment plan in time, and control blood sugar for a long time to avoid complications

    She knows that she has diabetes and knows how to take medicines, but she ignores the blood sugar situation and physical condition, ignores it, and allows the disease to develop
    This "free-range" way of treating diabetes is not a problem

    I hope that this case will be a warning to many sugar lovers

    Source: Li Qingpu

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