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    Did you get fat while the kids were at home? Be careful of sexual precociousness.

    • Last Update: 2020-08-25
    • Source: Internet
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    Originally title: Did you get fat while your kids were at home? Be careful to cause sexual precociousness
    10-year-old Lin Li (ahua) gained 30 pounds during the outbreak of new coronary pneumonia. On the afternoon of May 27th, when he walked into the clinic of Dong Guanping, director of the endocrinology department of Zhejiang University Children's Hospital(hereinafter referred to as "Zhejiang University Children's Hospital"), Dong Guanping hardly recognized him.
    Linli, a dwarf with a lack of growth hormone, has been visiting Dong Guanping regularly for the past two or three years. Dong Guanping last saw Lin Li in January this year, when Lin Li was 1.4 meters tall and weighed 35 kilograms. Four months later, when Dong Guanping saw him again, Lin Li's weight had soared to 50 kilograms in addition to his height of 3 cm.
    LinLi's mother complained: "We have hidden all the snacks, but it is useless, after going to bed at night, he will still secretly find out, and even cook their own food to eat." "Seeing that Lin Li, who had been quite thin, had become fat and changed personally, Dong Guanping asked him: "You are not afraid of students say you?" Lin Li seems to feel nothing: "No one said me, because the other students are also fat." "
    outbreak has increased the number of fat children in the clinic
    because of the lack of growth hormone, Lin Li needs daily injections of growth hormone to barely maintain the same growth rate as normal children. Injection volume is based on weight, not fat up before, Lin Li only need to inject 4 units per day, the current injection need to increase by 2 units, which means that a month down the need to spend about 2000 yuan more drug costs.
    More seriously, Linli's insulin index has become higher, Dong said, which may induce diabetes, in addition, because the injection of growth hormone may not be conducive to sugar metabolism, if the long-term high insulin, Linli dwarfism treatment will also be affected.
    affected by the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, many schools closed, children at home to eat more, move less, unknowingly put on weight. Since April, there has been a marked increase in the number of obese children in outpatient clinics, Dong said. In 2019, there will be about 73,000 outpatient visits in the endocrinology department of Zhejiang University Children's Hospital, of which about 20% will be treated for overweight and obesity. Dong Guanping said that every year after the end of the summer vacation, are fat children's peak medical visits, which may be related to the long summer vacation time, hot summer weather, children's activity is less.
    recent years, childhood obesity has become an important factor affecting the health of children in China. In 2017, the China Childhood Obesity Report, jointly released by the School of Public Health of Peking University and UNICEF, states that without effective interventions, the detection rate of overweight and obesity among school-age children aged 7 and over will reach 28% by 2030, and the number of overweight and obese children will increase to 49.48 million.
    Fat boys' sexual precociousness is more stealthy
    Dong Guanping told the China Youth Daily Zhongqing Network reporter, parents generally do not simply because their children fat to see a doctor, but found that the disease caused by obesity to come, sexual precociousness is one of them. Sometimes, half of the more than 90 children Dong Guanping sees a day are sexually precocious.
    if the girl's breasts develop before the age of 8 and the boy's testicles increase before the age of 9, sexual precociousness can be considered. Dong Guanping said, because breast development is more intuitive, so girls' sexual precociousness will generally be found in time, "and the boy's sexual precocious will first grow testicles, the body has no other reaction, a year later will be long beard, change of voice, often until then parents only found out, and then bring the child to see a doctor a little late." Therefore, Dong Guanping suggested that if the child's weight gain is obvious, parents should pay attention to whether the child is sexually precocious, especially boys, this father should pay special attention.
    obesity lead to sexual precociousness? Dong Guanping explained that obesity can lead to an increase in fat cells in the body, fat cells contain hormones, children in a large number of hormone exposure easily precocious. Sexual precociousness brings a lot of harm, among which parents are most concerned about the possibility of delaying the child's older child. Dong Guanping had met an 11-year-old boy in the clinic, during the outbreak fat more than 20 pounds, testicles began to increase, bone age has entered 13 years of age ahead of time, if not timely intervention for treatment, the boy may "lose" about 10 cm height, into a lifetime irreversible loss.
    not only affect height, sexual precociousness can also adversely affect a child's mental health, resulting in some social problems. Dong Guanping pointed out that if the sex hormone exposure too early, too much, girls in the future breast and uterine problems will be higher probability, boys may also be affected by the sex glands.
    Yeconds and adolescents should maintain one hour of high-intensity exercise every day
    to Dong Guanping's concern, parents seem to focus only on obesity will delay the growth of children, while ignoring that obesity increases children's risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, fatty liver, high blood lipids and other diseases, "because they do not think children will get these diseases, these are adult diseases." However, when many parents because of sexual precocious take their children to find Dong Guanping for medical treatment, often find out that the child is accompanied by blood lipid abnormalities, abnormal blood sugar metabolism and so on.
    epidemiological surveys may make parents more convinced of the fact that their children also have these "adult diseases". In the case of diabetes, the China Childhood Obesity Report cites a 2013 survey of 1,896 obese students aged 6-18 in 17 primary and secondary schools in three districts and counties in Beijing, which showed that obese students had a high blood sugar detection rate of 66.6 per cent - meaning that 6-7 out of every 10 obese students had high blood sugar levels.
    are there any ways to prevent your child from getting fat? Zhai Jie, director of the Children's Health Department of Zhejiang University Children's Hospital, said children should avoid excessive intake of protein foods, such as fish and meat, and avoid replacing vegetables with fruits. For school-age children (6-12 years of age), the daily intake of vegetables should be 300-500 grams, fruit 300 grams (about one apple);
    Jie suggested that preschool, school-age children and adolescents, a day should maintain more than 3 hours of physical activity, of which more than 1 hour for medium and high-intensity physical activity or physical exercise, such as skipping rope, playing ball, throwing sandbags, etc., can make the body slightly sweat, heart rhythm reached more than 120 times per minute, can be called medium and high intensity exercise.
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