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    Dietary fiber into two sessions of the proposal new bright spot: on the promotion of the development of the dietary fiber industry proposal - dietary fiber food industry breeding trillion GDP

    • Last Update: 2021-02-07
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    During the two sessions in 2016 and
    , the "Recommendations on Promoting the Development of the Dietary Fiber Industry" proposed by the Dietary Fiber Branch of the China Biomedical Technology Association became a new highlight of the proposal of the two sessions, as follows:Dietary Fiber is an essential plant component of the daily diet and the most basic nutrient for human health. In the traditional "five grain for the care, five fruits for help, five dishes for the charge" for the physiological concept, almost all contain dietary fiber. The essence of "wanting to live long and always clear in the intestines" is also a high summary of the important role of dietary fiber. In China's food industry "12th Five-Year Plan", dietary fiber food as the focus of nutrition and health care industry development planning., the exploration and path of developed countries in the development of dietary fiber industry In modern society, the degree of development of dietary fiber industry is consistent with the level of social and economic development of a country. As early as the
    developed countries
    the 1970s
    the high tide of dietary fiber research and development and application. In the United States, for example, at the end of the last century , the level of socio-economic development in the United States had reached a considerable level, but with it the outbreak of nutritional metabolic imbalance diseases, which led to a sharp deterioration of national health. To this end, the U.S. nutrition and medical community on the function of dietary fiber research started early.In the 1980s, the United States began to use dietary fiber as a functional food ingredients in the food industry, and made a variety of dietary fiber added pastries, dairy products, jams, beverages and other high-fiber foods, forming a certain market size. In the early 1990s, when the news of U.S. President Ronald Reagan's rectal cancer came out, the United States and even the entire European Community set off a wave of research and development of fiber food, food fiber, like vitamins, has become an important topic of discussion, has become widely popular health food in developed countries. As a result of market demand, annual sales of high-
    fiber products in the United States exceeded

    50 billion U.S.
    2009.of dietary fiber in the global development pattern, can be summarized in three sentences. "Europe and the United States started the earliest, Japan's development is the best, other countries have followed." The united States as the representative of dietary fiber high-tech product development has been in the forefront of the world. The United States first established the Dietary Fiber Association (
    20th century

    , soybean fiber, wheat fiber as the representative of natural plant fiber extraction technology in the United States in turn successful; in the early

    , a new type of natural polymerization, multi-functional dietary fiber - polyglucose was born in the United States Pfizer, and then, using modern high-tech means, the United States scientists with the best brown gold car in the United States as raw materials for the development of the "Golden Valley Fiber King" and so on. Many dietary fiber technology originated in the United States, and soon after the advent of the United States in Europe and the United States and other developed regions.japan is the most important country for public nutrition, many nutrients and functional foods in Japan's rapid development thanks to the government's good promotion. In the development of dietary fiber, the Japanese government approved the establishment of a "National Fiber Day" to attract media and public attention. And Nutrition experts in Japan are actively educating the public from this new perspective. Japan is also fast becoming the world's most mature functional food market, especially with drinks that add dietary fiber to regulate gut function. Of the more than
    specific functional foods approved by Japan's Ministry of Health, Labour and Industry in , more than
    kinds of dietary fiber products, accounting for nearly
    of the total functional foods. Japan's Health and Music Company, Snow India Company, etc., since1986 has been introduced a series of dietary fiber drinks and yogurt, very popular. Volkswagen Pharmaceuticals makes cellulose drinks
    from polyglucose, attracting a large number of young Japanese women and creating a market for "women's drinks".
    In 2003 and
    , Kirin Corporation of Japan first introduced dietary fiber in beer, and then set off a new page of "healthy beer" in Japan, and now more than
    well-known food companies have launched products with special fiber logo, "fibre sugar, food fiber beer, fiber reduction rice, high fiber flour" and so on. The amount of fiber added to its product formula complements the deficiency of fiber intake by allowing consumers to supplement their daily intake by
    grams.Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries in recent years have been dietary fiber food as bowel cancer, coronary heart disease, diabetes and other patients of the main food, most of the pasta products such as bread, noodles and bread are added to a certain amount of dietary fiber to varying degrees, high fiber staple food has become the main way for people to supplement dietary fiber. Its consumer demand is growing at a
    10 per cent a year.Second, dietary fiber in China's industrialization prospects With the rapid development of China's economy and social progress, we are also inevitably encountered by the United States because of the rich nutrition metabolic imbalance of the outbreak of diseases, but also caused the deterioration of the health status of the whole population. As a result of the increase in dietary intake of fats, carbohydrates, protein, etc., the number of obese people in China has increased dramatically,
    200 million
    200 million people. According to the survey, there are more than
    women and more than
    80 million
    elderly people in our country who suffer from constipation for a long time.

    200 million patients with hypertension,
    160 million people
    with abnormal blood lipids,
    billion people with diabetes, the potential patients with blood sugar abnormalities in
    200 million or more
    The annual cost of medical care due to the disease is nearly
    trillion yuan, which has become a major public health problem.situation, the development of dietary fiber industry is imminent, but also gave birth to huge market demand and trillions of
    , significant health function
    gave birth to the great social and economic value of contemporary universal health since
    , British doctors
    deduced that modern "rich" disease
    is caused by excessive intake of carbohydrates and lack of dietary fiber, thus opening the door to functional research on dietary fiber as a guardian of contemporary health. After
    more than
    50 years of scientific research and development, it has been proved that dietary fiber has a significant effect of multiple health, is a popular product worthy of popular promotion. In particular, China is moving towards the stage of gradual prosperity, people high fat, high carbohydrate, high protein
    and excessive pursuit of delicious and fine food structure changes, resulting in high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes and other nutritional imbalance metabolic diseases of the explosive epidemic, are closely related to the absence of dietary fiber. According to the Ministry of Health
    survey, in China's first-tier major cities, such as: Shanghai, Guangzhou, the daily intake of dietary fiber intake compared with nutrition standards, the daily deficiency reached
    , while the national urban and rural statistical analysis of the average personal deficiency rate of
    also reached about
    . Such a large number of
    is one of the root causes of "rich disease" (three high food, lack of exercise, lack of dietary fiber
    is considered to be the three fundamental reasons). Professor Yu Kang, a well-known nutrition expert in China, said of dietary fiber in his book Diet Determines Health: "... Dietary fiber plays an important role in the body and acts as a health guardian. Dietary fiber has the effect of stimulating intestinal peristalsis, increasing the volume of intestinal contents, and reducing the amount of time feces stays in the intestines. Increase dietary fiber intake, can effectively prevent constipation, hemorrhoids, prevention of colon cancer, rectal cancer. Dietary fiber also reduces the absorption of fat and cholesterol in the intestines and promotes the excrement of cholesterol and bile acid from the feces, thus reducing blood lipids and cholesterol. In addition, adhesive in dietary fiber can prolong the stay of food in the stomach, slow down the absorption of glucose, and reduce excessive blood sugar, improve the symptoms of diabetes. Increase dietary fiber intake, but also to reduce obesity, prevent breast cancer ... and so on." From the discussion of authoritative experts, we can see the efficacy of dietary fiber health care. Corresponding to the current situation and demand of the health of the whole people in our country, it can be fully proved that dietary fiber has great social value to give birth to the health of the whole people in contemporary times. According to the analysis and research, if the whole diet fiber in the diet nutrition structure, maintain the goal of adequate intake, coupled with the "three high food" (high sugar, high fat, high protein) balance control and increase moderate exercise, then the incidence of nutritional imbalance metabolic diseases in China can be reduced by at least
    80% on the existing basis of
    . Such a huge social value of the health of the whole people is the fundamental point of the development strategy and bright prospect of dietary fiber industrialization.2
    , the huge population base and the deterioration of people's health conditions of the grim situation
    gave birth to an annual average of more than
    trillion yuan of huge economic value The remarkable function of dietary fiber
    and the wide range of applications
    decided that this project has an average annual economic value of more than one trillion yuan. The World Health Organization and national nutrition circles have given a uniform recommendation for dietary fiber intake, i.e. a daily intake of between
    per person, with the American Diabetes Association recommending that diabetics be moderately increased to
    . Academics also consider the scope of application of such products to be
    -100 years of age
    years old men, women and children. Its dosing is divided into three corresponding levels:
    years old -
    years old corresponding to
    years old;
    years old
    years old -
    years old;
    years old -
    years old. Because of the breadth and total demand of the
    3 billion population base, coupled with households, households, everyone, every day need to supplement the consumption attributes, the dietary fiber industry has a huge economic value
    is likened to the 21st century new "meter" industry huge business opportunities. Using the general statistical analysis method
    to carry out the strategic analysis of the annual total economic value, even on the per capita daily consumption price of
    yuan, the average annual economic volume (
    ) will exceed
    trillion. If based on the total population of
    of the relatively high consumer groups of refined high-end product daily consumption of
    yuan, the annual average
    total will exceed
    trillion yuan; The rich and high-spending groups with a total population of
    can still reach
    trillion yuan a year with an average daily consumption of

    yuan in constant price statistics.In short, dietary fiber breeds an economic value of more than one trillion yuan per year, based on the huge population base of potential market demand
    and everyone, daily necessities commodity attributes. Moreover, this statistical analysis concludes that only the static direct value of the production and marketing economy of dietary fiber products itself is taken into account. If you add dietary fiber products
    to reduce the incidence of nutritional imbalance diseases
    caused by the reduction of consumption of health resources and other factors, as well as promote prevention and rehabilitation of indirect dynamic value, then the economic value and social value of the industry is particularly huge, is a typical small product strategy industry, is a great industry related to the health of the whole people.3, the current development of the dietary fiber industry problems and recommendations The present era has given the dietary fiber industry to serve the health of the whole people's historical mission, is the industry's development of the best historical opportunity. Because of the late start of dietary fiber research in China, there are many problems in the process of industrialization. The revelation of existing problems is conducive to promoting healthier growth and progress of the industry, and is also more conducive to perfection and stability
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