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    Digital color casual film competition national awards activities have officially set sail

    • Last Update: 2021-02-22
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    China Paint Network
    News: Since July 2014, the opening of the "hands-on shoot my craft the most brilliant" personalized decoration style reality photo contest lasted 6 months, has been successfully closed.
    Digital color casual film competition national awards activities have officially set sail
    This activity shows all over the country with digital color products to do excellent craft effects, will be more wonderful colors and excellent results recommended to more consumers, but also to promote the oilman master to improve their technical level. The core element of this hands-on competition is the understanding and
    understanding and
    of the top ten styles of digital color and wood lacquer. The so-called top ten styles, is digital color after many years of research and summary, original such as Chinese color transmission, American color transmission, dream series, marble special effects and antique style and other ten different craft styles, including such as ancient and modern Chinese and foreign different qualities of different effects of the novel craft, digital color products can stand in the
    market one of the inevitable factors.
    digital color casual film competition national awards activities have officially set sail
    This photo contest is by digital color to thank the vast number of partners for years of support and specially organized. As we all know, 2014 is the year of service for digital color. In this year, in order to make everyone more familiar with digital color products, so as to obtain a higher market share, therefore, digital color thinking, in order to implement the development strategy of the Service Year, launched this activity, is bound to serve you in good faith. Organizers hope that through this event, in order to increase everyone's understanding of the product at the same time, enhance friendship, benefit the public, so as to jointly open up the market to cultivate tacit understanding, for the common challenge to build confidence.
    This photo contest is digital color coatings Co. , Ltd. after many years of development after the formation of a sublimation of corporate culture, digital color since its inception, has been paying attention to personalized product development strategy, adhere to the path of differentiation, color and effect to create a unique color paint brand. From the development of digital color for many years, "color" and "service" are still the two main advantages. At the same time, in adhering to the "we do not sell paint, we only sell coating effect" on the basis of the unique concept, digital color can maintain year after year of innovation, all kinds of new products emerge endlessly. In the use of color and effect, after many years of development and washing, but also carved fire pure green. In the hands-on competition to promote, this year, we have to continue to improve products and services, continue to adhere to innovation, and strive to forge ahead, the product and decoration design concept more perfect fit together.
    "Hands-on, my craft is the most brilliant" personalized decoration style real-life photography contest after six months of contribution time, the organizers of Digital Color Coatings Co., Ltd. received a total of 585 contributions, a total of about 4000 entries. It contains duplicate contributions from some oilworkers, owners, and distributors, as well as some entries that do not leave contact details. After careful screening, a total of 77 outstanding works were selected to compete for the final prize. The awards will be judged in a combination of expert review and online voting. The works participating in the awards have recently been posted on the official website of Digital Color. From March 30, 2015 to the end of April 2015, the vast number of netizens can visit the official website of Digital Color to participate in the voting awards.
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