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    Directly hit the 16th container box East Conference environmental pressure to see the major box factory green coating development

    • Last Update: 2021-02-24
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    China Coatings Network
    : On March 23, 2015, in Shanghai, the day before the 2nd Container Multi-transport Asia Exhibition, the International Container East Association (COA) held its 16th Container Container East Conference, where 100 global executives from shipping companies, container leasing and container manufacturing industries gathered to discuss container-related topics, including freight economy, container manufacturing, container flooring, container information management systems, and so on. "Container coating water-esclying" remains the focus of this meeting. In this international top container industry conference, the major box manufacturers on the "container coating water" of the latest progress, made a different response.
    the 16th Container Box East Conference
    First, before the dialogue between the box factories, Huang Kai, president of the
    Industry Association, gave a report on environmental policy in Guangdong Province. She mentioned that Guangdong Province has divided the time schedule of environmental governance into three stages. The first phase, by the end of 2015, completed 50% of the province's key enterprises VOCs governance tasks, including surface coating, printing, shoe making, furniture manufacturing, plastic manufacturing, petrochemical and other 13 key industries, of which, surface coating focus on the scope of rectification: the use of solvent-based coatings container manufacturing enterprises, automobile manufacturing, automotive maintenance. 80% in 2016 and all in 2017. This requires container production and the production of
    in Guangdong Province
    speed up the pace of water-based development.
    , Dongguan Maersk - completed the "oil-to-water" production line innovation switch, to avoid reconstruction
    In 2014, Dongguan Maersk and Wiesberger cooperation, completed the "oil-to-water" project. At the meeting, Zhu Yunfeng, general manager of production in Dongguan Maersk, introduced the project report of "oil-to-water". The project directly converts the oily mid-coating process into a water-efficient drying position, avoiding the reconstruction of the production line. The project has now completed technical testing and has successfully passed the quality verification. In other words, the containers produced in Dongguan since July last year have been 100%
    . Maersk, as the world's largest shipping company, regards corporate social responsibility, environmental protection, employee health and safe production as the key to the company's sustainable development, while actively responding to the government's emission reduction requirements, requiring full-water production on the eve of the mandatory policy landing. At present, the production speed and quality of its production line has fully reached the production capacity of oily paint, has produced 120,000 standard containers of water-based containers. For the container factory "oil-to-water" key projects and site management, Zhu always made a more detailed share.
    , a water-based experimental center dedicated to optimizing solutions
    Panzo, the lead engineer, gave a water-based technical report at the conference. He said that the policy has been very clear, the way out of containers only water-hydration, therefore, the future will only go to the direction of water-hydration development. Although there are still some problems in the application of container hydration technology, such as humidity, wind speed, wastewater treatment, "one coating, one baking" and so on, but on these technical issues, THEC has established a hydration experimental center, committed to the technical optimization of the solution, the future will be carried out a variety of water-based coatings testing, etc., will certainly find a solution to the problem. Panzo also introduced the current estimate of the "oil-to-water" corresponding renovation costs and construction costs, and believes that water-based paint relative to oil-based paint on the container cost increased.
    , China - Ready to invest in hydration right away
    Cathy Gao, marketing director at Xinhua Chang, says the most critical factor driving water-escification is price. Renovation of a production line adapted to water-based paint spraying and drying needs about 40 million yuan, in addition to the price of water-based paint is more expensive than oily paint, resulting in water-based containers per TEU price is higher than oily, this additional cost, shipping and container leasing industry (commonly known as "box East") need to be prepared for this. The entire water-based production switch depends critically on national policies. If the national mandatory conversion to water-like paint, Xinhua Chang is ready to immediately put into hydration.
    Seven Lion - is changing the water-based production line
    in addition, Sheng lion marketing director Johnny Yeung said that two plants, including Kaidong and Huizhou, have completed the transformation of the initial water-based production line, and will be remodeling its plant in the north to meet customer demand for water-based containers. They said the construction of the equipment was limited by the size of the plant, making it more difficult to re-route shorter production lines. Secondly, Shengshi believes that water-based only one of the emission reduction programs, solvent recovery device is also a method.
    the author believes that Maersk "oil-to-water" project has been effectively landed, it can be seen that technical problems have mature solutions. The total amount of
    the entire container industry is as high as 220,000 tons per year, more than half of which are volatile solvents, a staggering total. In the country's environmental protection regulations are becoming increasingly strict today, timely preparation for water-related, has become the entire container-related industry urgent.
    as long as the ship operation industry, container industry, paint manufacturers work together, water-based paint prices, production costs and other issues will be solved. We believe that the water-hydrative spring has arrived in the container industry.
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