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    Discussion on the distinction between thermosetting ink printing and heat transfer

    • Last Update: 2021-09-24
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    Heat transfer is to print the pattern on heat transfer paper (commonly known as heat transfer paper).
    When necessary, cover the T-shirt with the heat transfer paper and put it into the heat transfer machine (heat transfer machine) to heat and press for a few seconds In the middle, the pattern is transferred to the T-shirt; the thermosetting ink printing uses a special thermosetting ink to directly print the pattern on the T-shirt, and then puts it into the infrared drying equipment to dry, in the process, the ink particles melt , It is firmly combined with the T-shirt fiber and cooled to form


    Different appearance

    Because the white matrix on the heat transfer paper must be melted to "stick" the pattern to the T-shirt, traditional heat transfer patterns often have unnatural stiff white edges; thermoset ink printing has no unpleasant hard edges, because It is a "direct" printing and does not require a white substrate


    Different hand feeling and different air permeability

    The heat transfer feels like a layer of rubber, because the white matrix plus the pigment is about 0.
    5mm thick, which is a continuous sealing layer; the thermosetting ink printing is the fine color particles distributed on the T-shirt in the form of semi-scattered dots, soft and breathable, and feel Close to water-based slurry printing, but more vivid and durable than water-based slurry printing


    The new heat transfer also has advantages:

    I mentioned a lot of the shortcomings of heat transfer.
    In fact, as a new T-shirt printing process, heat transfer also has its unique advantages:

    The production of heat transfer T-shirts is rapid, no plate making is required, and it can be immediately desirable


    The heat transfer pattern has fine particles, which can reach the photo-level level, but the printing can't reach it


    Make a small area of ​​the pattern, the air permeability has little effect, and the heat transfer is more suitable and cheaper


    In recent years, the heat transfer process has been continuously improved.
    The new type of heat transfer has greatly improved in terms of air permeability, hand feel, and washability.
    It is almost close to printing, and the white substrate has been replaced by a thinner transparent substrate

    After the T-shirt is sprayed with a certain solution in advance, it can be completely breathable heat transfer

    In terms of vividness, heat transfer is superior to other printing processes


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