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    The fluorocarbon color will not be changed by the wind and rain, I still love you-remember the 20 years that I have gone through with the fluorocarbon coating industry

    • Last Update: 2020-06-19
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    < br / > I graduated from Liaoning University of petroleum and chemical engineering in the year of < br / > 2000 < br / > in JulyAccording to the original major, should be engaged in oil refining industryAfter graduation, I yearned for the coastal city of DalianI joined in Dalian Zhenbang fluorocoatings Co., Ltdand chose fluorocarbon resin and coating industryAt that time, the domestic room temperature curing solvent type < br / > FEVE < br / > fluorocarbon resin was just in its infancy, and only Dalian Zhenbang mastered the core production technologyIn < br / > 2000 < br / > year < br / > 12 < br / > month, Dalian Zhenbang R & D center building was completed and put into useThis is the first R & D center in China with fluorocarbon resin and fluoropaint related products as the main development directionIt is divided into several research rooms and subject groups such as fluoromonomer, fluorocarbon resin, fluoropaint, application, etcAt first, I was assigned to the trifluorochloroethylene monomer research room, and then I was transferred to the computer color matching research room to develop the color matching of fluorocarbon coatings with general industrial color pasteI first came into contact with fluorocarbon coatings< br / > 2002 < br / > year < br / > 5 < br / > the Third Conference on fluorocarbon resin and fluoropaint was held in DalianAlthough I participated for the first time, this is the third industry event held in ChinaAt this meeting, I learned about the development and change of domestic fluorocarbon resin coating industry, and experienced the rise and rapid development of room temperature curing < br / > FEVE < br / / > fluorocarbon resinThis meeting is also an important turning point in my personal career< br / > 2002 < br / > in the second half of, I was transferred to resin research office, the core Department of Zhenbang technology, Dalian, and began to contact with solvent based < br / > FEVE < br / > fluorocarbon resin structure design and resin synthesis technology, and I studied with MrCai Yubo (Mr Cai is a student of Wang Yongqi, the first inventor of fluorocarbon resin in China, who is solidified at room temperature < br / > FEVE < br /), < br / > in 2006 < br / > was awarded as chief scientist of Dalian Zhenbang Fluorocarbon Coatings Co., Ltd.) and embarked on the road of < br / > FEVE < br / > fluorocarbon coatings development < br / > in the recent < br / > 20 < br / > years < br / > FEVE < br / > research and development process of fluorocarbon resin coating, I experienced the room temperature curing < br / > FEVE < br / > fluorocarbon resin coating industry in China, from scratch, from small to large development changes Products range from single solvent two-component room temperature curing esters < br / > FEVE < br / > fluorocarbon resin to solvent esters and ethers < br / > FEVE < br / > resin coexistence, trifluoro and tetrafluoro < br / > FEVE < br / > resin coexistence, environmental protection water-based and powder based < br / > FEVE < br / > products have entered the market < br / > FEVE < br / > the application field of fluorocarbon resin coating has developed from building exterior wall coating, to steel structure engineering anti-corrosion and photovoltaic back plate coating, concrete surface anti-corrosion protection, building aluminum profile and other fields < br / > FEVE < br / > fluorocarbon resin coating plays an important role in many landmark buildings and steel structures in China, to protect them < br / > this year is the anniversary of the founding of coating industry magazine < br / > 60 < br / > which coincides with the development of domestic fluorocarbon resin coating industry < br / > 20 < br / > anniversary At this special time node, through combing my research and development path of < br / > FEVE < br / > fluorocarbon resin coating products, I witnessed the rapid, rational and healthy development of the fluorocarbon coating industry for < br / > 20 < br / > years < br / > 1 < br / > solvent type < br / > FEVE < br / > the way of development and change of fluorocarbon resin < br / > in the last century < br / > 80 < br / > in the s, the subsidiary of Asahi nitro Co., Ltd of Japan took the lead in developing organic solvent type containing hydroxyl group and other functional groups < br / > FEVE < br / > fluorocarbon resin, which can be crosslinked and solidified with isocyanate at room temperature, or baked and cured with amino resin at medium and low temperature < br / > to overcome the shortage of thermoplastic fluorocarbon resin coating, It's an epoch-making invention < br / > FEVE < br / > at room temperature, fluorocarbon coating can be applied on the surface of various substrates by brush coating, roller coating, spray coating and other common coating methods, which not only has excellent weather resistance, but also has excellent solvent resistance, acid and alkali resistance, with excellent decoration, greatly expanding the application range of fluorocarbon coating < br / > in China, Dalian Zhenbang is the first to engage in the research and development of < br / > FEVE < br / > fluorocarbon resin and fluorocarbon coating, with independent intellectual property < br / > FEVE < br / > fluorocarbon resin patent technology and complete fluorocarbon coating construction supporting application technology system < br / > 1999 < br / > the first barrel of fluorocarbon paint and the first fluorocarbon resin production line were born in Zhenbang, Dalian, making China the second country to realize the industrialization of fluorocarbon resin coating after Japan < br / > 2000 < br / > the fluorine coating project was rated as the key national torch plan project and the guidance project of the Ministry of construction for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements < br / > 1.1 < br / > solvent ester < br / > FEVE < br / > the way of development and change of fluorocarbon resin < br / > 1.1 < br / > solvent ester < br / > FEVE < br / > fluorocarbon resin development < br / > solvent ester < br / > FEVE < br / > fluorocarbon resin is the first generation of fluorocarbon resin developed by Chinese scientists on the basis of absorbing foreign technology, It is a terpolymer of trifluorochloroethylene, vinyl ester, enoic acid and enol Azodiisobutyronitrile is used as the initiator and the solvent is xylene < br / > / < br / > butyl acetate < br / > / < br / > methyl isobutyl ketone, etc In synthetic resin raw materials, propylene alcohol is highly irritating to respiratory tract and skin, tears, toxic and easy to accumulate in the body In the process of production and use, it has great safety risks and occupational hazards The solvent type < br / > FEVE < br / > resin has a strong taste due to the incomplete reaction of propylene alcohol The resin prepared by azodiisobutyronitrile initiator has yellow color and many reaction impurities Even after being filtered by diatomite plate filter, the resin has a muddy appearance < br / > 2000 < br / > at the beginning of the year, Dalian Zhenbang put forward the process and technical conditions Chongqing Chemical Research Institute developed a new monomer glycol allyl ether, which can completely replace propylene alcohol through the resin synthesis test with equimolar ratio instead of propylene alcohol The resin yield is higher than that of propylene alcohol, and the overall performance is better than that of propylene alcohol At present, the domestic production of ester < br / > FEVE < br / > fluorocarbon resin basically uses it < br / > 1997 < br / > 2007 < br / > 7 < br / > Tianjin Aksu Nobel peroxide Co., Ltd was put into production, bringing many new organic peroxide products, bringing more and better choices for the domestic fluorocarbon resin development initiator besides azodiisobutyronitrile and benzoyl peroxide After nearly one year's development, Dalian Zhenbang replaced azodiisobutyronitrile with a new generation of organic peroxides Using organic peroxide initiator, the yield of resin polymerization is greatly increased (the yield of resin is increased from the original < br / > 88% < br / > to < br / > 94% < br / >), the appearance of resin is colorless and transparent, and the quality of resin is obviously improved In 2003 < br / > I developed the research on fluorocarbon resin coating for exterior wall of solvent building, which was applied by Dalian Zhenbang to the Ministry of construction The project number is < br / > ht02-2-4.12-127 < br / > and a new functional vinyl TERT carbonate modified monomer was introduced into the original quaternion copolymerized fluorocarbon resin to make the five element copolymerized fluorocarbon resin, The salt fog resistance, alkali resistance and water resistance of the original fluorocarbon resin coating were improved to improve the gloss and fullness of the film The introduction of tertiary vinyl carbonate monomer makes the structure of the original quaternion copolymerization resin more reasonable and the quality of the product to a new level The project won the second prize of < br / > 2005 < br / > Science and technology progress of Liaoning Province and the second prize of excellent new products of Liaoning Province < br / > 2005 < br / > in view of the problems in the production and use of solvent based < br / > FEVE < br / > fluorocarbon resin, such as storage color turning yellow, viscosity increasing, free hydrofluoric acid in the resin, hydrochloric acid corrosion to the packaging iron barrel, etc., Dalian Zhenbang specially set up a scientific and technological research project, and I developed the project Finally, it is found that the existence of polymerization inhibitor in the synthetic monomer is a major inducement to the yellowing of the resin Residual unreacted monomers and initiators are the main reasons for the increase of resin storage viscosity Slow decomposition of unreacted trifluorochloroethylene monomer to produce hydrofluoric acid and hydrochloric acid is the main reason for resin corrosion of iron barrel Finally, the process stability and storage quality stability of the solvent type < br / > FEVE < br / > resin were solved by appropriate process to remove the residual polymerization inhibitor in the raw material, adding free radical trapper in the later stage of synthesis and high temperature concentration < br / > in 2011 < br / > under the influence of environmental protection pressure, according to the market demand, I developed high solid low viscosity solvent type < br / > FEVE < br / > fluorocarbon resin < br / > FEVE < br / > fluorocarbon resin is characterized by excellent solvent resistance, so it is difficult to develop high solid and low viscosity fluorocarbon resin By optimizing the compound polymerization solvent, selecting the suitable chain transfer agent and controlling the molecular weight of the resin The product < br / > VOC < br / > is < br / > 320G / L, < br / > is < br / > 420g / L < br / > national compulsory industry standard, which meets the engineering application requirements After < br / > 1.1.2 < br / > solvent ester < br / > FEVE < br / > fluoropaint market development < br / > 2003 < br /, China's economic development is changing with each passing day, urbanization and industrialization are speeding up, environmental pollution and acid rain, salt fog erosion are increasingly serious, high-rise buildings are increasing, outdoor decoration is becoming more and more important < br / > FEVE < br / > fluorocarbon coatings are far superior to traditional coatings in terms of durability, weatherability, pollution resistance, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance and high decoration In addition, fluorocarbon metallic paint, imitation aluminum-plastic plate, imitation ceramic tile, relief texture, real stone texture and other personalized decoration technologies have gradually replaced ceramic tile, glass curtain wall and other products that do not meet the environmental requirements < br / > FEVE < br / > fluorocarbon coating is very popular in the exterior wall coating market < br / > in 2003 < br / > the wall of Shanghai World Trade Riverside Garden, which has the highest building in China, was coated with fluorocarbon paint < br / > in the areas with severe salt fog, acid rain and environmental pollution in coastal cities, chemical corrosion problems such as peeling, blistering, blackening and yellowing of paint film occur in common coatings < br / > 3-5 < br / > years The chemical stability of fluorocarbon coating can effectively solve the corrosion problems of outdoor steel structures, bridges, traffic vehicles and other metal materials, and improve the service life of materials In just a few years, < br / > FEVE < br / > fluorocarbon coatings have made outstanding achievements in the field of steel structure anticorrosion The application of < br / > FEVE < br / > fluorocarbon coating in a number of national key projects, such as the west to east gas transmission project, the Three Gorges project, Dalian 300000 ton oil terminal, Yangtze River Bridge, the second Yellow River Bridge, Wanzhou bridge, Xuelong polar exploration ship, Navy seaplane and navy ship, has good economic and social significance < br / > 1.2 < br / > solvent ethers < br / > FEVE < br / > the way of development and change of fluorocarbon resin < br / > solvent ethers < br / > FEVE < br / > fluorocarbon resin takes trifluorochloroethylene and vinyl ether as the main copolymerization monomers to form the alternating copolymerization structure of trifluorochloroethylene and vinyl ether < br / > a-b-a-b < br / > The structure alternation and regularity of the resin is better than that of the ester < br / > fluorocarbon resin < br / > I developed solvent ether < br / > FEVE < br / > fluorocarbon resin in 2003 < br / > at that time, there was no vinyl ether monomer manufacturer in China, only BASF Germany could provide such product samples, and there was no standing stock in China, so there were many problems in the resin development process The process and viscosity control of ether FEVE
    fluorocarbon resin are unstable during polymerization Resin is easy to stick or even gel in the process of resin reaction In the later stage of storage, the products are prone to yellowing, viscosity increasing, flocculation, white floc precipitation and so on, which are difficult to control and have a great impact on the performance of products < br / > after more than two years of hard technical research, the problems of resin polymerization process stability and later storage stability were basically solved < br / > in 2006 < br / > solvent ethers < br / > FEVE < br / > fluorocarbon resin successfully achieved industrialization, becoming one of the few domestic enterprises mastering solvent ethers < br / > FEVE < br / > fluorocarbon resin production technology at that time Solvent based ethers < br / > FEVE < br / > fluorocarbon resin project obtained < br / >
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