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    Do the wine must wake up? What kind of wine needs to wake up?

    • Last Update: 2020-06-20
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    Today, more and more wines are coming to the public tableI am often asked, do you have to wake up before drinking wine? How exactly should I wake up?wake up wine, as the name implies, is to wake up the wine, so that it will show its own flavor, usually refers to the drink before borrowing a certain means or tools to make the wine accelerate the oxidation processFor wine, there are very complex chemical changes when you wake upSimply put, these changes mainly affect two types of experience: aroma and tasteAroma, for the older wine, due to multi-year bottle storage, many aroma substances will be combined with other inclusions, resulting in the opening of the bottle after the aroma slightly dull or dull, the need for oxygen to help turn it into a free state to release, so that the fruit fragrance is more intenseSome wines because of the good sealing conditions, long-term aging in the bottle accumulated a lot of sulphides, open the bottle will have a clear match, smelly egg or rotten leaf taste, this kind of repugnant aroma is easily detected, but also cover the aroma of the wine itself, fortunately, they are easily with oxidation reaction and air flow and dissipate, so, wake wine can dispel this unpleasant aromaIn terms of taste, some years are relatively new, the taste is stronger red wine, because of the structure of tannins, drink very sour, difficult to swallowAt this time, proper wake-up can make this part of the tannin material structure changes, and thus become delicate, gentle, what kind of wine needs to wake up? The method of judgment is actually very simple: pour a little wine in the wine glass, smell, taste wine, if the aroma is complex, dull, not clear or some annoying sulfur odor, then need to wake upOn the other hand, if the fruit fragrance is very rich, simple and refreshing, pleasant, drink directly on itfor different types of wine, the way to wake up is different, and not just rely on the wake-up deviceThe common ship-type wake-up is suitable for full wine, tannin strong red wine, open the bottle after the wine along the wall slowly poured into the wake-up bottle, sit back for about 30 minutes, or gently shake to help wake up the wine, every 15 minutes to taste, when the aroma gradually rich, tanning gradually delicate when the best time to drink; Fresh red wine, open the bottle 15- to 30 minutes before drinking, pull out the cork and slowly wake up, if it's elegant style, tannin weak old Burgundy, or bottle storage for more than twenty or thirty years old wine, then do not use the wake-up machine, otherwise its delicate balance of flavor will be severely oxidizedThe best way to wake up is to pour it into a large, narrow-mouthed wine glass, shaking gently, and the oxygen in the glass is enough to help wake up(Li Xiaoxi, Ph.D., School of Food Science and Nutritional Engineering, Agricultural University of China)Source: People's
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