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    "Doctor, fentanyl-to-skin painkillers are not 'aonosic', is it useful for tumor pain in the end?"

    • Last Update: 2020-06-16
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    Fentanyl transdermal patches (aka Dorigi paste, commonly known as painkillers) are not anti-inflammatory analgesic saines in the mouths of ordinary people, although they all have analgesic effect, but in fact there are essential differencesFentanyl transdermal patch is an opioid or central analgesic that is primarily associated with the interaction of the opioid receptor, which has a sedative effect in addition to analgesics, and is often recommended for chronic pain with tumor moderate to severe, as well as difficult pain that can only be treated with opioid analgesicsThe transdermal patch is not used for the treatment of acute pain and postoperative pain, as this patch does not adjust the dose of fentanyl in a short period of time and may cause severe or life-threatening hypoventilationAnti-inflammatory analgesics are mainly used for acute or chronic pain caused by nerve pain, rheumatism, joint pain, shoulder pain, muscle soreness, or bruising injuryFentanyl transdermal paste?The dose of the transdermal patch should be determined according to the individual circumstances of the patient, and the doctor will conduct a regular dose assessment after administration to understand the analgesic effectPaste site: Usually attached to the patient's torso or upper arm unstimulated and unirradiated flat skin surface (e.gchest, back, arms, etc.)If there is hair on the paste site, cut it off before the paste (do not shave with a shaver)It is not recommended to use soap, oil or other items that may irritate or alter skin characteristics before filling the skin patch and keep the skin completely dryHow to use: Open the sealing bag with transdermal paste immediately after use, use with the palm of your hand to press hard for 30 seconds to ensure that the adhesive is in complete contact with the skin, pay special attention to its edgeThe paste paste after 6 hours effect, 17-24 hours pain relief peak, can be continuously applied 72 hours before replacement;What side effects will occur?Side effects do not always occur, but there are some conditions that may occur: 1Opioid withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, constipation, anxiety and chillsThe pupil shrinks, a phenomenon that is considered a diagnostic sign of fentanyl saturation 2 Respiratory suppression Like all potent opioids, some patients may experience significant respiratory suppression during the use of this patch, and may even continue until the use of this product, and the incidence of respiratory suppression increases with the dose of this product An emergency? Take immediate action to treat respiratory inhibition 1 Removal of fentanyl transdermal patches; 2 physical stimulation or speech stimulation on patients; 3 Conditional use of specific opioid antagonist naloxone, attention to intravenous naloxone interval, sometimes repeated injections or intravenous dispolifiment; 4 If clinical conditions permit, can establish and maintain artificial airways and oxygen absorption, maintain body temperature and ensure fluid intake prevention of blood hypothermia What else do you need to pay attention to? Fentanyl transdermal patches have to be administered according to narcotic drugs Depending on the current dose of the patient's opioid use, it is commonly used in patients with opioid tolerance, and should be considered for the patient's current general and medical conditions, including size, age, and fatigue associated with opioid tolerance For patients who have not used opioids, be sure to use them as directed by your doctor Prohibited in patients who are sensitive to fentanyl or to adhesives in this patch Non-cancerous chronic pain patients under 40 years of age (AIDS, paraplegic patients pain treatment is not limited by age and pain history) is not recommended The analgesics previously used should be phased out for the first time until the analgesic effect begins to take effect If the pain is insufficient after first use, tell your doctor in time and cooperate with the treatment Heat/in vitro is affected by heat The concentration of serum fentanyl may increase by about 1/3 when the skin temperature rises to 40 degrees C Therefore, when using fentanyl transdermal paste, should avoid the use of this product in direct contact with the heat source, such as: heating pads, hot water bags, electric blankets, baking or sun lamps, strong sunbathing, long-term hot water bathing, etc , pay special attention to when heating (T 38.5 degrees C) should be removed immediately Patients who drive and operate the machine should exercise caution This patch may affect your mental and/or physical strength Fentanyl transdermal patches are likely to abuse in a similar way to other opioids Abuse or intentional misuse can lead to drug overdoses and/or death, and patients should never use or increase or decrease their dose sourcing themselves Author: Chest Oncology Medicine Wen Yan Source: Sichuan Cancer Hospital
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