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    Doctors such as health hospitals and village health rooms get higher wages

    • Last Update: 2020-11-17
    • Source: Internet
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    Recently, according to Anhui Provincial Health Anding Committee news, in recent years, Xiaoxian in order to strengthen the construction of health and health personnel, the general practitioners as the focus of training, and the implementation of a series of good policies.
    Good one: health hospitals, village health rooms of such doctors, salary-increase college graduates to township hospitals, village health rooms work in general practitioners, according to the provisions of the early transfer of positive grade, transfer to the grade of hourly wages higher than 2 levels.
    Good two: the implementation of the "two permits", raise wages Xiaoxian in order to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of general practitioners in primary health care institutions, in accordance with the two "allowed" requirements, reasonable approve the total amount of performance pay of township hospitals, improve the level of general practitioners in primary health care institutions; Good three: performance tilt to general practitioners township health hospitals by residents standardized training qualified general practitioners, according to the actual total approved performance to give tilt;
    Good five: can directly participate in the intermediate title examination undergraduate and above degree graduation, by the general professional resident standardized training qualified and to work in primary health care institutions, can directly participate in the intermediate title examination, the examination passed the direct appointment of intermediate titles.
    Good six: in terms of first evaluation and honor recognition to the general practitioners tilt the above-mentioned general practitioners in comprehensive management, discipline construction, personnel training, technical guidance, collaborative innovation and other aspects of the performance and contribution, will be in accordance with the provisions of the incentive policy, in the evaluation of excellence and honor recognition, in accordance with the provisions of the document to the general practitioners.
    Focus on the training of general practitioners, good policy continued to increase two years ago, the General Office of the State Council issued "on the reform and improvement of the training and use of incentive mechanisms for general practitioners", proposed that by 2020 urban and rural residents per 10,000 residents have 2-3 qualified general practitioners;
    to achieve this goal, in recent years the country and locally have been full of horsepower to focus on the training of general practitioners.
    2020 is a node, and the training system for GDS is basically in place and will continue to increase policy over the next 10 years.
    Seter are some initiatives in recent years, for reference: Jiangsu Province: the establishment of the general practitioner tilt clear every two years dynamic adjustment of the total number of primary health care institutions, the overall dispatch of the county within the establishment of undertakings, dynamic adjustment of the number of primary health care institutions, tilted towards general practitioners.
    Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, Sushui District: up to 200,000 home subsidies after 2018 by public recruitment to primary health care units, with undergraduate and above qualifications and obtain a standardized training certificate for general practitioners graduates issued a one-time home subsidy, the standard for undergraduate students per person 100,000 yuan, master's students per person 200,000 yuan, divided into 5 years of equal payment.
    Province: set up special posts for general practitioners, the annual supplement of 60,000 provincial finance according to the standard of 60,000 yuan per post per year for the economically underdeveloped areas to arrange subsidy funds, subsidy funds are not included in the total unit performance wages.
    Hunan Province: the monthly allowance is not less than 500 yuan to implement the general practitioner's allowance, for the township hospital (community health service center) to work in the general practitioners, according to the standard of not less than 500 yuan per person per month.
    Shanghai, Chongqing: Support the opening of general practice clinics Shanghai supports practitioners qualified as general practitioners to open general practice clinics, and implement a filing system;
    Fujian Province: income can be higher than the average of 10% of medical practitioners with the same conditions, the basic general practitioner's salary level can be higher than the same conditions of medical workers 10%.
    , the proportion of senior technical posts in general medicine can be increased by 10% and 5%, respectively.
    Province: Strengthen the training of General Practitioners in the Chinese Medicine Category and strengthen the training of the General Practitioners in the Chinese Medicine Category, and encourage chinese medicine institutions to set up general medicine departments.
    , Gansu, Heilongjiang and other provinces and cities have clearly proposed to stop or gradually reduce the level of rural medicine, Chinese medicine professional enrollment.
    from the current trend, the future of general practitioners will become the main force of rural medical care, which is also in the confusion of village doctors pointed out a sustainable development path.
    If you have any ideas, you can become a general practitioner through the training of "5-3" general practitioners, the training of "3-2" assistant general practitioners, the transfer training, the examination of rural general practitioner assistants and participation in the training of Western medicine practitioners.
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