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    Document No. 70 will bring disastrous consequences to non base drugs

    • Last Update: 2015-07-09
    • Source: Internet
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    Source: on July 9, 2015, the government liberalized the retail price of drugs and envisaged to limit the price of drugs by using the online price, which inevitably led to a vacuum of policy omissions, which was inconsistent with the original intention of drug price regulation

    For the time being, OTC products and low-cost drugs will not be mentioned

    Take the purchase rules of Sichuan drug hanging net as an example, take the retail price of the province, the price of non base and base drugs hanging net of the province and the lowest average bid winning price of the five provinces in China

    If there are more than two regions with bid winning prices, take the low price of the above prices as the limit price

    If there is only one bidding area, 90% of the bidding price shall be used as the limit price

    If the bidding price of 5 provinces is lower than the retail price of the province, it shall be adjusted according to the retail price of the province

    Detailed analysis of Sichuan rules from the above rules, the lowest 5 The provincial bid winning price is relatively reasonable to avoid some regions directly matching the lowest price of the whole country

    It is inevitable for each enterprise that some regions suffer from bid winning price disorder due to malicious bidding or quotation error of products

    It is difficult for the enterprise to operate in the local area and abandon the bid

    Because the bidding rules of up-down linkage can only continue vicious circle, leading to the death of the whole product

    But this time, Shandong county-level hospital network price will be collected, which is another area that breaks the provincial bidding rules and practices and takes the county-level bidding price as a reference after Chongqing has included the Anhui county-level hospital network price into collection and adjustment

    At the same time, the lowest purchase price of each hospital in the province is taken as the next round of provincial online price, and the enterprise price maintenance needs to be put in the first place

    We need to pay attention to the fact that the prices of some products originally priced by the government are very low

    If the wholesale prices before will not be broken in the normal bidding and purchase in the past, this part of products will no longer be subject to the price ceiling after the drug price is released

    If the enterprise has never participated in the bidding before, or only bid in some regions, it will become a vacuum zone after the drug price is released, and the price of products will be at the moment Hundredfold

    For similar products, if there is a record of winning the bid in the past, it will be more difficult to raise the price reasonably due to the substantial increase of the production cost of the enterprise

    Another vacuum zone is that the last round of medical insurance products were priced at different times

    Some provinces still sell the products at the prices before they were priced

    The lowest average price of five provinces may still be higher than the wholesale price of the products in the provinces after they were priced

    If Sichuan wins the bid at the retail price of its own province, it also breaks the previous bottom line

    Some regional standards haven't been adjusted for three or five years, especially for products with strong homogeneity

    If the new standards are abandoned one by one in these two years, it's very happy to refer directly to the price of the previous bidding period

    Third, the combination packaging products have the winning price products according to the above rules, and the non winning price products refer to the single component winning price plus

    The combination packaging products themselves are policy oriented products

    If the same products refer to two sets of pricing methods, the newly listed enterprises can only directly exit in the unequal competition

    The bidding rules need to be improved

    This time, a large number of products in Sichuan were reported that their prices did not conform to the reported prices, which does not exclude that some enterprises have the psychology of fluke, but also do not exclude the complicated rules (take the lowest 5 provincial prices in the bid winning and implementation areas after 2012, and take 2012 for the insufficient ones Before the year of, some non specialized enterprises may still not know when they are the targets of the bidding, the human defects of the rules (the prices quoted by the enterprises themselves, who reports who gives evidence) and the possibility of other factors

    The national No.70 document requires that the bidding rules should be clear, the bidding process should be simplified, the competition should be fair, the rules should be clear, scientific and reasonable, and what enterprises need to do should be clear about how to do it (list the bid winning implementation areas after 2012 and 2011) Years ago, in which provinces were the implementation areas, enterprises were not required to do (for example, some regions in the southwest let enterprises open letters of confirmation to prove the bidding price)

    Because the bidding systems of various regions have been connected, enterprises no longer need to waste time and effort to break their legs with fluke mentality, but also spend a lot of time cycle and human and financial resources

    In addition, according to the national No

    70 document on scientific grouping, the relevant rules of no more than two winning bidders in each group relax the actual situation of base drugs, while the non base products produced by multiple homogenization companies are not set according to the rationalization gradient of the number of bidding enterprises

    The former will inevitably lead to the callback of base drug price, while many or even dozens of non base enterprises strive for only two winning places, which can only lead to abnormally low price, product extinction soon, and product quality can not be guaranteed

    The rules are unified and reasonable, and a bowl of water is level

    At the same time, it takes into account the cost change factors caused by the rising price of raw materials, technological innovation, and improvement of quality standards of some enterprises, and the reasonable exit mechanism of quotation errors caused by lack of marketing management experience, rather than the life-long fate of the enterprise's products determined by hanging the net once, and the life path of a high-quality product lost once

    The national policies are more rigorous, comprehensive and efficient, creating conditions for market operation, taking into account the survival and development of the pharmaceutical industry and enterprises, invigorating the pharmaceutical market, and truly enabling the people to enjoy assured drugs, high-quality drugs and satisfactory drugs with reasonable prices, which will be more effective than ignoring the industry's fate and unreasonable prices to suppress and supplement medicine.
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