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    Home > Does the closure of webmaster forum mean the end of the era of personal website?

    Does the closure of webmaster forum mean the end of the era of personal website?

    • Last Update: 2020-04-03
    • Source: Internet
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    When I saw the news that the webmaster forum was closed on a website, I was shocked

    I went to see it immediately

    The homepage was indeed "webmaster forum has stopped operation, and the new start is about to start..." A few words, more desolate

    Looking back ten years ago, when we started to build the website, this forum used to be a place for new and old webmasters to learn knowledge and exchange experience

    Everyone encouraged each other passionately, and it was very lively every day

    But now, see the group of stationmaster disappear gradually, once the major relevant forums are empty, too sad

    I still insist on doing the website, but already feel tired, have been hesitating whether to start a new voyage

    But I can't make up my mind that my income can be maintained

    Today's website operating environment is not the same as it used to be, far less hopeful and passionate than it was at the beginning of the 21st century

    In addition to the diversion of wechat and app, the hijacking traffic of domestic search engines and browsers, malicious substitution of advertising and other rogue behaviors have made the industry of personal websites moribund and hard to survive

    The development of domestic personal website meets the ceiling

    No matter how hard you try, you will not stand high

    It's not easy to give up things that have been struggling for more than ten years

    Although the goal set at the beginning of the website has already been achieved, people always have to move forward

    This is where I have been confused and anxious recently

    A few days ago, when I heard that Google search was going to return to China, I felt hopeful again

    I hope that Google can bring positive energy to the Internet in China

    Compared with the gradual decline of domestic personal websites, there is still room for the development of foreign personal websites and blogs, which I think is related to their relatively reasonable rules

    I once wanted to be an English website for overseas, but I gave up because I couldn't connect to the Internet normally

    I'm observing, waiting, believing that there will always be a ray of dawn that can re light the road ahead

    The website has been attacked by CC again these days

    I feel very depressed

    In the afternoon, I went out for a long time without thinking

    After eating a half price KFC ice cream, I suddenly wanted to write something, which is to cheer myself up.
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