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    Doing yoga 3 times a week may help relieve migraine symptoms

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    , June 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/
    -- Spending time on yoga mats is surprisingly effective for migraine sufferersThose who do yoga in their daily lives find that yoga relieves stress better than mere medicationYoga can reduce the frequency, duration and pain of migraines, according to a study in theJournal of NeurologyIt supports past research and further suggests that yoga can be effective in reducing migrainesRohit Bhatia, lead author of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences,, points out that only about half of people who take migraine medications have their migraine symptoms relievedassess yoga as a treatment for migraines
    Bhatia assessed 114 people between the ages of 18 and 50They all have periodic migraines, four to 14 times a monthThe group was randomly divided into two groups: one with only medication, the other on medication, and practicing yogapicture source: Both groups received appropriate medication sydgins and lifestyle changes such as getting enough sleep, exercise and a good dietyoga group practices 3 days a week for 1 hour each, for 1 monthExercises include breathing exercises, meditation, and yoga posesAfter the first month, they practice dismyated at home five days a week for another two months participants write down all migraine information, including the duration, severity, and medication stake of the episode while everyone sees improvements, those who increase yoga benefit more At the beginning of the study, the study subjects had an average of 9.1 headaches per month, ending with 4.7 headaches per month, a 48 percent reduction At the beginning of the study, the drug-only group had 7.7 headaches per month, and at the end of the study, they had 6.8 headaches per month, a 12 percent drop three months later, the average dose of medication in the yoga group dropped by 47% Over the same period, the average number of pills taken in the drug group decreased by about 12% "Our results suggest that yoga not only reduces pain, but also reduces the cost of treating migraines," Bhatia said in a statement This can be a real game changer, especially for those struggling to pay for their drugs Drugs are usually prescribed first, and some may be expensive "
    the limitations of the study
    Bhatia said in a statement that more research is needed to see if the benefits of doing yoga last longer In addition, this information is self-reported and the data may be inconsistent Dr Amy Gelfand, director of the Children's Headache Department at Benioff Children's Hospital at the University of California, San Francisco, said it was difficult to draw many conclusions from the study "Just as drug treatments have to have a placebo control to compare, behavioral studies also require attention control groups to compare," she said For example, groups that do not receive yoga guidance should accompany the provider at the same time "
    Without such a control group, it's hard to tell whether the observed effects come from yoga or from the non-specific benefits of interacting with someone who cares about you and cares about you at those times," she said "
    dr Teshamae S Monteith, director of the Headache Department at the University of Miami's Miller School of Medicine, said there was a lack of well-designed research to explore the effects of yoga on migraine sufferers "We don't know which drugs are acute and which are preventive, " Ideally, preventive drugs should stabilize for 2 months before randomization," she added Yoga is medical
    Monteith said that while there are questions about its efficacy, there is evidence that relaxation therapy can be used as a non-drug for migraines She cites a 2007 study of headaches that found that yoga has a positive effect on the treatment of migraines that do not have a precursor in addition to reducing stress, doing yoga may have other effects on migraine symptoms picture source: "Yoga can alter the autonomic nervous system, which alters the connection to the trigeminal vascular system," Monteith explains Imaging studies have also shown that yoga has a positive effect on the limbic system, pain matrix, and brain networks, including default mode networks Yoga may also help with migraine-related factors such as sleep, body function and quality of life Although this is a small preliminary study, it could be considered for behavioral interventions for migraine sufferers, including relaxation, yoga and deep breathing, monteith said However, it is not known whether a history of severe migraine attacks or taking multiple preventive drugs will benefit from yoga Mia Minen, a headache specialist at New York University's Langone Health Center and associate professor of neurology and population health at NYU Grosman School of Medicine, who
    migraines, said she wants to see ginseng and research in Western countries This is where yoga is not a traditional practice "This will further increase the universality of the findings," she added doctors who want to recommend yoga should make sure that patients practice breathing, meditation, and posture in a 2014 study, the symptoms of migraine sufferers using mindfulness decompression also eased This treatment combines mindfulness, meditation and yoga ( References: 1
    Do Yoga 3 Times a Week Help Curb Migraine Symptoms Share on The Pinterest 2 Effect of the Of Random Controlled Trial 5
    Effect of Yoga on Migraine: A Comprehensive Study Using Clinical and Cardiac Autonomic Functions
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