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    Domestic destocking still exists, and Shanghai rubber may continue to strengthen

    • Last Update: 2022-12-20
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    Last Friday, Japan rubber closed the market, today Japan rubber opened up nearly 3%, Shanghai rubber will continue to strengthen

    Shanghai rubber

    On the supply side, domestic production areas have successively stopped cutting, and the epidemic situation in Taimayin has intensified, epidemic prevention measures have been upgraded, coupled with tight shipping and soaring freight rates, which may have a phased impact
    on the output and export of tianjiao, the main producing countries in Southeast Asia.
    Domestic import stocks are expected to decline, and Qingdao port inventories continue to deteriorate, which provides some support
    to the price of tianjiao.

    On the demand side, tire manufacturers' starts are inhibited by environmental protection and other factors, and short-term tire exports are still constrained by logistics, coupled with the intensifying epidemic in Europe pushing up market concerns about demand, and the overall start is difficult to return to normal levels
    At present, the domestic production areas on the supply side are all stopped
    The epidemic situation in Thailand has intensified, and there are expectations
    of production cuts.
    However, on the demand side, the start of tire companies has fallen, and the shutdown time of tire companies in the later period of the year is worth paying attention to

    The short-term supply and demand margin has declined, the market lacks effective drive, but the overall valuation has been low, all-steel tires: manufacturers, affected by the emergency response to heavy pollution weather, tire companies in Shandong, Henan, Jiangsu have reduced production stoppage, and the overall start is still low

    On the whole, the winter weather influencing factors continue, short-term manufacturers are difficult to start work has a significant recovery, and due to the continuous restriction of manufacturers' start-up, manufacturers before the Spring Festival stock production demand still exists, affected by the tight shipping market, the domestic continued to de-inventory state, coupled with downstream moderate bargain hunting, or to form a certain support
    for prices.

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