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    Domestic wine sales decreased year after year, enterprises can not rush to fire?

    • Last Update: 2020-06-20
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    "China III on the tip of the tongue" shot well, is still controversial, but the title of the wine brand French Berge because of the documentary shot, should be a nail in the coffinTo be sure, this in order to name and throw 118 million yuan to CCTV, after becoming famous to recover several times or even dozens of times the proceeds, are a piece of cakeit's clear that when France's Berger makes money in the Chinese market, its Chinese counterparts will be unhappyIn fact, there are many foreign wine brands that "invade" the Chinese market like France's Berger, which have brought considerable survival pressure to Chinese wine companies, making the latter "hate" for a long timeAccording to theNational Bureau of Statistics, China's wine production reached 1.001 million litres in 2017, a decrease of 136,000 kiloliters from 2016, a cumulative increase of -5.3%It has been revealed that in the past five years, the average annual decline in domestic wine production is about 6%At the same time, the volume of wine imports rose, with bottled wine imports reaching US$2.55 billion, up 16.4% year-on-year and an average increase of more than 15% in the past five yearsAlthough there is no data disclosure on wine consumption, industry insiders have received information from different sources on the rising consumption of Chinese wineChina's wine market capacity is expanding, but domestic wine sales are decreasing year by year, domestic wine enterprises can not rush on fire? Watching imported wine brands earn a pot full of money, of course, will come to the gasSo what's causing this? In addition to "the enemy is too strong", the main is "self too incompetent." One of the typical manifestations of"incompetence" is blind obedienceAnalysts pointed out that China's wine began to industrialization and scale of the early, the international popularity of what, even the first domestic people heard what, enterprises on a brain of what to grow, what to produceFrom the 80's national "dry white fever", the 90's "Cabernet Pearl dry red fever", until today's "wine rye" "ice wine" spread, grape variety selection, wine development of the blind problem has not been really solvedAt present, the country's grape production areas are planting cabapacific beads, wine enterprises are producing dry red, even some low-temperature areas in the west are also in the development of the need for higher temperature of cabernet beads, while some warm areas in the east and even the south in the production of "ice wine", this does not consider the regionalization of varieties and wine regionalization of scientific development, eyes only staring at the market, blindly follow the production mode, can only let the industry market vicious circle into the dilemmaenterprises blind, to a certain extent, also reflects the state's lack of attention to this industry, its typical performance is the lack of relevant laws and regulationsThe world's major wine-producing countries have clear laws and regulations for the wine industry, covering the cultivation of vineyards, wine brewing and bottling, packaging, sales and other links, which for the industry's benign operation and wine quality provides the most basic protection The wine laws and regulations of the EU wine-producing countries represented by France are strict and systematic, with clear rules for grape varieties, planting quantities, brewing process, alcohol content, etc in each region, and to be certified by experts China does not currently have specific legislation for the wine industry Zhu Danfeng, a Food Industry Analyst at , believes that Chinese consumer demand for wine is growing at present, while domestic wine production is declining, proving that domestic wine cannot match consumer demand From an industry perspective, the decline in output is "pessimistic" and, from an enterprise perspective, may be good news The original domestic wine product structure favors the middle and low end, now slowly to the middle and high-end development, so the amount of decline, profit growth trend Of course, to resist the foreign wine brand's large-scale "invasion", to preserve more market share, but also long-term plans, so that the entire industry to upgrade This is to learn from the advanced experience of foreign wine industry development, based on the construction of grape raw material base, brand leadership and technological innovation as the support, optimize the allocation of resources and variety structure, increase the support of policy funds, establish standardized production and industrialization management system, cultivate wine culture with Chinese characteristics, and promote the formation of a strong market competitiveness of China's wine industry Source: China Quality
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