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    Dongguan famous furniture exhibition: water-quality paint into the mainstream environmental protection coating solutions show the gods

    • Last Update: 2021-02-28
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    China Coatings Network
    News: March 16, 2015, the 33rd International Famous Furniture (Dongguan) Exhibition and famous furniture mechanical materials exhibition, home accessories exhibition, China Mammoth Furniture Exhibition opened at the Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center on The Furniture Avenue of Hou street town. The five-day exhibition covers an area of 770,000 square meters and features more than 1,306 exhibitors. Among them, Guangdong Huilong
    Co., Ltd., Guangdong China Resources Coatings Co., Ltd., Zhanchen Coatings Group Co., Ltd., Jiabao Chemical Group Co., Ltd., Gentleman's Lan Coatings Group, Tianjin Yubei Coatings Co., Ltd., Guangdong Shunde Dibang Coatings Industry Co., Ltd., Foshan Shunde District Paint Co., Ltd., Foshan City Surface Good Water Paint Co., Ltd., Irving Enterprise Group, Guangdong Blue Ocean Technology Co., Ltd., Foshan Shunde District Guoshu Chemical Co., Ltd., Haiju Polymer Materials Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. and other furniture industry upstream
    passing enterprises
    are exhibiting.
    Dongguan famous furniture exhibition: water-based paint into the mainstream environmental protection coating solutions show the gods
    water-based paint into the mainstream
    January 26, 2015, the Ministry of Finance, the Joint Administration of Taxation jointly issued a message that, in order to promote energy conservation and environmental protection, approved by the State Council, from February 1, 2015 on batteries, coatings, and in the production, commissioned processing and import links, the applicable tax rate is 4%. The tax standard is: volatile organic matter (VOC) content of more than 420 g / liter (including) of coatings, the majority of traditional PU paint on the market is currently levied.
    shut down the elimination of traditional oil coating enterprises, the introduction of paint consumption tax, etc. , all foreshadow the arrival of the era of environmental protection coating, but also forced furniture and wooden door enterprises transformation and upgrading! Facing the coming era of environmental protection coating, furniture, wood door enterprises, a number of participating paint enterprises have launched professional environmental protection coating solutions, designed to help the vast number of furniture, wood door enterprises, and seek the transformation and upgrading of the era of environmental protection coating.
    with the introduction of more and more environmental policies and regulations, the entire coating industry is facing environmental pressure to show a "surge" trend. In the field of furniture paint, more and more paint enterprises began to vigorously promote their own water-based paint products. As a result, on March 16th, HC
    Coatings Network
    reporters went to Dongguan, Guangdong Province, to conduct zero-distance interviews with executives of several outstanding furniture paint companies at the exhibition, in order to find the dynamics of the development of water-based paint.
    the impact of environmental policy pressure and the industry's optimistic forecast of the future development of water-based paint, most of the furniture paint enterprises in this exhibition are mainly to show the company's main water-based paint products. In addition to Burtink water-based paint, Showchen paint, Huilong paint, Carrie paint, gentleman's orchid paint, etc. will be
    water-based paint
    as the main promotional products. For a time, in the famous furniture exhibition, "water-like furniture paint" became the mainstream.
    " this year's environmental protection policy momentum is too strong, especially the collection of paint consumption tax, paint enterprises have brought some pressure, but also for the development of water-based paint has brought opportunities. Tianjin Yubei Coatings Co. , Ltd. water-based paint division general manager Yufei told HC Coatings network interview, he said, with the paint industry environmental pressure continues to increase, water-based paint products will face a more sustainable market environment, and therefore, Tianjin Yubei will be the enterprise production line modification, improve the production efficiency of water-based paint, and for downstream customers to develop the corresponding environmental protection coating solutions.
    In the same day's exhibition, Tianjin Yubei showed The Burtinque water-colored paint, a full range of furniture coating process selection, problem solving, development trends, for furniture enterprises tailor-made "oil" to "water" integrated coating solutions. At the exhibition site, Burtink water-like paint also showed a water-like coating model, by the participation of furniture enterprises attention and affirmation.
    , water-like paint has always been the most important development direction in Tianjin Yubei. Last year, Sales of Burtinck water-powered paints increased by 35% year-on-year, and the brand's position in the Beijing-Tianjin region has been further enhanced. "At present, the furniture factory water-like paint also from the past passive acceptance into the current active acceptance, many furniture enterprises have the will to use water-like paint, there are many furniture enterprises actively contact us, the use of water-like paint." Yan Yufei said that although the current water-like paint has not reached the extent that can be "blowout", but I believe that with the increase of environmental protection efforts, water-like paint market will develop rapidly.
    the current development of water-based paint is optimistic about the exhibition chen
    director Jiang Jian. This year's exhibition chen coating group brought a new classification system from the coating point of view of the interpretation of furniture - furniture coating twelve flavors, the core of which is from a professional "painting" angle to express the effect of furniture, including "classic solid wood, style solid wood, monochrome blend oil, color trend, after Modern style, Chinese classical, American tradition, American leisure, Italian tradition, Italian luxury, French elegance, British tradition" these twelve styles, covering all the mainstream needs of the furniture world market today, guide furniture customers from the final surface application to meet the end market.
    addition, based on the unique comprehensive strength of the Exhibition Group, a new one-stop environmental coating solution that is 100% feasible - furniture environmental protection coating "package" solution. Unlike the industry's existing environmentally friendly coating solutions, the furniture eco-friendly coating "package" solution proposed by Zhanchen is based on its own strong advantages in water-based coatings,
    uv coatings
    and water-based UV composite coatings, proposed comprehensive solutions Strong and flexible to solve the single practical water or UV coating one-sided problems, water-based treatment of heterogeneity coating, UV to improve overall efficiency, water-based UV to achieve surface effect, a comprehensive solution to furniture customers from bottom to surface coating problems. jiang Jian said that the popularity of water-based furniture paint is an inevitable trend,
    Seedchen paint in recent years in the development has also been actively recommended to their customers water-based paint and UV paint." Jiang Jian told HC that the growth of UV and water-based coatings in 2014 was more than 100%, and the group's furniture paint growth was more than 16% year-on-year.
    Even-friendly coating solutions show the gods
    shut down the elimination of traditional oil-based coating enterprises, the introduction of paint consumption tax, etc., all foreshadow the arrival of the era of environmental protection coating, but also forced furniture and wooden door enterprises transformation and upgrading! Facing the coming era of environmental protection coating, furniture, wooden door enterprises, will be with the paint enterprises to seek the transformation and upgrading of environmental protection coating era!
    this end, the exhibition of Huilong paint carrying the industry's forefront of
    UV paint
    , water-based paint and other environmentally friendly coatings debuted at the exhibition, at the same time, officially released Huilong's latest research and development of environmental protection coating solutions - "disruptor" UV paint environmental protection coating solutions. Huilong paint subverts the traditional UV coating, so that enterprises can enjoy high-efficiency environmental protection UV paint with zero investment, without moving millions, or even tens of millions of high investment!
    At the same time, Huilong and Beijing Furniture Exhibition organizers will jointly organize CCTV "Open door Daji" public interest painting exhibition and the 12th China Bedroom Door Design Competition, to promote public welfare, promote environmental protection, promote the wood door industry design level. In addition, at the Guangzhou exhibition, Huilong will continue to assist the China Wood Gate Association to hold the second Grand Gate Event, the release of the 2014 China Wood Gate 30, held aloft the wooden gate brand banner.
    Guangdong China Resources Coatings Co. , Ltd. on the same day, although the display of water-based paint products, but more on display is China Resources coating in the product application of the coating effect, China Resources coating in recent years, the main fashion coating, the use of rich colors to the application of products to a height. Jiang Jian, brand director of
    Exhibition Chen paint, told reporters, "Although the current development of water-based paint in the growth rate, but the simple use of water-based paint has been unable to meet the needs of the market, and professional environmental protection coating solutions to bring maximum benefits to customers, this year, to show the unique comprehensive strength as the foundation, the new launch of a feasible 100% one-stop environmental protection coating solution - furniture environmental protection coating 'package' solution, hoping to help industry customers during the transition period." Xiao
    , marketing director of The Gentleman's Orchid Coatings Group, also expressed his attitude when asked about the "water-based paint". "Gentleman's Lan Group has been promoting and using water-based coatings in recent years, and this exhibition, Gentleman's Orchid Coatings Group has also brought professional environmental protection coating solutions to create environmentally friendly ecological beauty." He said so.
    During the same period of the exhibition, Gentleman's Lan Coatings Group held a grand customer reception dinner at the Sherland Hotel in Dongguan to showcase the latest environmental protection coating solutions of Gentleman's Lan Coatings Group with the theme of "environmental innovation and piloting of sheep sails".
    , general manager of Foshan City, said he was "optimistic" about water-like paint. "Face good has been to do water-based paint-based paint, especially this year's paint consumption tax, so that the development of water-based paint greatly increased." Zhang Taiping said, "First of all, with the development of water-based paint product technology continues to mature, water-based paint can be applied to various components of furniture products, and according to the different shapes of components to apply different water-based paint products." Secondly, now many paint enterprises in the promotion of water-based paint at the same time, there is a set of specialized environmental protection coating solutions, which for downstream customers to solve the problem encountered in the application of water-based paint products. Therefore, from the market point of view, or from the environmental point of view, water-based paint applications will only become more and more extensive. "
    Jiabao Chemical Group in the exhibition, brought three bright spots: First, low VOC, yellowing, low odor and other on behalf of solvent-based furniture paint development direction of the latest products, visited The booth, you understand the future development trend of solvent-based furniture paint.
    , UV paint, water-color paint products and effects are displayed centrally. 2015 solvent-based paint consumption tax introduced, to environmental protection paint has brought great benefits! If you also lack confidence in using UV paint and water-like paint, you are welcome to visit.
    third, the 2015 craft trend presented, Carrie furniture paint professionals combined with market trends, to create a number of furniture, wooden doors, display cabinets and other categories of craft effects, there is always a suitable for professional customers.
    Summary: The transformation and upgrading of furniture enterprises to the development of water-based paint has played a vital role, with the improvement of consumer demand for environmental protection, water-based paint attention is gradually increasing, but to a large extent furniture enterprises on water-based paint attitude, not only out of demand for the market, the most important thing is the national environmental protection policy.
    ", of course, does not mean that we just follow the market, the development of water-based paint, in addition to products, more important is to provide customers with a set of professional environmental protection coating solutions. Jiang Jian, brand director of Zhanchen Coatings Group, said at the end of the interview. This sentence gives the development direction of the transformation and upgrading of furniture enterprises.
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