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    Dongguan public hospitals to propose or reduce the price of medicines and medical supplies

    • Last Update: 2021-03-04
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    Dongguan city public medical institutions to take a full increase in consumables! The "Dongguan City 2018 Public Medical Service Price Reform Program (Draft for Comments)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Reform Plan"), drafted by the Dongguan Municipal Development and Reform Bureau, is currently soliciting public comments. Reporters learned that, in addition to the consumption of materials, "reform plan" also proposed to reduce the price of drugs and medical supplies, improve the price of some treatment, surgery items and other reform content. At the same time, the reasonable income reduced by public hospitals as a result of the implementation of the reform of the price of medical services is included in the scope of subsidies for basic medical services.

    to reduce the price of medicines and medical supplies
    public medical institutions in Dongguan City include urban public hospitals and community health service centers. Based on the investigation and research on the cost accounting and price-to-price relationship of medical services, this reform scientifically measures the price-to-price relationship between different medical service items, maintains the basic balance between the total amount of increase and decrease, and adjusts the price of medical service items structurally.
    reporter learned that medical supplies include heart stents, artificial knee joints, surgical gauze, surgical stitches, dental materials. Patients in the operation, often encounter surgery costs several hundred yuan or more than 1000 yuan, but the cost of supplies is as high as tens of thousands of yuan or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Therefore, patients in the process of medical treatment, often spitting groove supplies cost too much.
    To this end, Dongguan City will be in accordance with the "space, adjust the structure, ensure convergence" steps to gradually straighten out the price of medical services, through the promotion of centralized procurement of drugs, comprehensive collection of consumables, medical insurance fees, standardized medical treatment behavior, such as reducing the cost of drugs, equipment, supplies and other costs, strictly control unreasonable inspection and inspection costs, in order to adjust the price of medical services to make room.
    "Reform Plan" revealed that the "Dongguan City public medical institutions basic medical services prices" "except content" and "description" has clearly defined the additional charges of one-time consumption materials, in 2016 to cancel the actual purchase price of more than 300 yuan on the basis of the supplies, a full increase in consumption materials. At the same time, we will further promote and improve the joint and centralized procurement of medicines in public medical institutions across regions, accelerate the implementation of centralized and unified distribution of medicines and medical supplies at the municipal level, and reduce the prices of medicines and medical supplies.

    Lim the price of some Chinese medicine and surgical items
    The Reform Plan also proposes to continue to reduce the price of medical services such as examination and treatment of large-scale medical equipment (clearly reduce the price of large-scale equipment inspection items such as magnetic resonance scanning, X-ray computer body layer (CT) scanning, etc.), raise the price of medical services that reflect the value of medical services such as Chinese medicine, diagnosis and surgery, and gradually establish a dynamic adjustment mechanism for the price of medical services based on changes in cost and income structure.
    according to the medical institution grade, physician level and market demand and other factors, the reform will also set different prices for medical services, open the price gap, guide patients to reasonable medical treatment, promote graded diagnosis and treatment. Third-level public hospitals are implemented at one-tier prices, second-tier and lower-level public hospitals are implemented at second-tier prices, and community health service centers are implemented at three-tier prices (the classification list of specific medical institutions shall be issued by the Department of Health and Family Planning).
    , increasing support for Chinese medicine and pediatrics is also part of the reform. It is reported that Dongguan City will implement the pediatric collection policy, support children's specialist hospitals and other hospitals pediatric development, the six-year-old (including) children under the general treatment, clinical diagnosis, clinical surgery treatment of some items to implement no more than 30% of the increase policy;

    Hospitals have financial compensation for the reduced income as a result of the reform
    The Reform Plan clearly states that in order to mobilize the enthusiasm of hospitals for reform and further improve the financial compensation scheme for basic medical services, the reasonable income reduced by public hospitals as a result of the implementation of the reform of the price of medical services shall be included in the scope of subsidies for basic medical services. The financial departments at all levels shall formulate a government repurchase scheme for large-scale equipment purchased by public hospitals in accordance with the provisions of the plan and relevant policies, and increase the intensity of financial investment.
    At the same time, in order to reduce the burden of medical expenses of the masses, due to this reform to adjust the price of the project, according to Dongguan City social insurance drug catalogue, medical treatment projects and the scope of medical services and other relevant provisions into the scope of payment of social insurance funds, the social security department issued relevant implementation documents.
    "Reform Plan" requires Dongguan City Health and Family Planning Department to strengthen the management of medical institutions, inhibit the unreasonable use of drugs and equipment, as well as excessive examination and treatment behavior. The average cost of door (urgent) consultations, the cost of inpatient bed days, the average medical expenses of discharged patients, the proportion of medicines, the proportion of consumables, the proportion of inpatients and outpatients, the growth rate of total expenses, etc. are included in the target management responsibility system and performance appraisal objectives of public hospitals. The establishment of a unified statistical caliber, to the sum of the cost of each person in the same hospital each day as the average cost of the door (urgent) consultation, the hospital prescription requires patients to go out to buy drugs into the medical expenses of discharged patients, strictly prohibit doctors through the breakdown of prescriptions, increase the use of out-of-the-money drugs and other ways to increase the actual cost burden of patients.
    , Dongguan City will also establish a per capita inspection and inspection cost growth and inspection project price adjustment linkage mechanism. A year after the implementation of the medical reform to carry out an overall assessment, the root assessment results appropriate adjustment of medical services charges. (Guangzhou Daily)
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