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    Dongyang Sunshine's insulin glargine is about to be approved

    • Last Update: 2021-11-16
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    On October 25, the NMPA official website indicated that the listing application of Dongyang Sun Pharmaceutical "Insulin Glargine Injection" has entered the administrative approval stage and is expected to be approved in the near future

    Insulin glargine is one of the types of centralized insulin procurement.
    At present, a total of 4 companies have been approved, including the original research company Sanofi and 3 domestic companies: Ganli Pharmaceutical, Tonghua Dongbao and United Laboratories

    East Sunshine followed closely behind, and I wonder if it will have a chance to catch up with the sixth round of centralized procurement after approval


    From: NMPA official website

    The development of insulin has gone through three generations: the first-generation insulin-animal insulin, the second-generation insulin-human insulin, and the third-generation insulin-insulin analogues.
    The most widely used clinically is the third-generation insulin-insulin analogues


    The first-generation insulin is derived from animals.
    Due to the structural difference with human insulin, it is very easy to activate the body's own immune response, leading to allergic reactions in patients, and the effect of reducing blood sugar is unstable

    Thanks to recombinant DNA technology, the second-generation insulin can be industrially produced and its structure is exactly the same as the insulin secreted by the human body, but it also has limitations: it cannot simulate the physiological human insulin secretion mode, and short-acting, pre-mixed human insulin requires 30 before meals.
    Minute injection, patient compliance is poor, and the risk of hypoglycemia is high


    Compared with human insulin, insulin analogues are closer to biological insulin secretion in terms of onset time, peak time, and duration of action
    Insulin analogues have similar or better blood sugar control, lower risk of hypoglycemia, more flexible and convenient injection time, no need to wait 30 minutes, long-acting insulin analogue injection time is convenient, and one injection per day can meet the demand


    Insulin glargine injection is a new type of insulin analogue with long-acting effect, no peak blood concentration, and a steady lowering of blood sugar in patients.
    It was developed by Sanofi and was issued by American Foods in April and June 2000, respectively.
    The Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Medical Products Review Board approved it for diabetes, and its trade name is Lai De Shi

    Since 2004, Deshi has been listed in China


    Among domestic companies, the earliest approval was Gan Li's Chang Xiulin, which was approved for listing in 2005, and then United Laboratories and Tonghua Dongbao were approved in 2016 and 2019, respectively
    In addition to Dongyangguang, four companies including Liaoning Boao Biopharmaceutical Co.
    , Ltd.
    , Jiangsu Wanbang Biochemical and Pharmaceutical Group, Shandong New Times Pharmaceutical, and Eli Lilly are also in the process of listing applications


    From: Insight database (http://db.

    In the sixth round of centralized insulin procurement of the list announced in September, the products included are all second- and third-generation insulins, grouped by quick-acting, basic and premix
    Among Dongyang Pharmaceutical's insulin products, insulin aspart and insulin aspart 30 are also under review for marketing


    Insulin centralized procurement product list (published version on September 10)

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