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    Dongyue 10,000-ton high-end PVDF project started

    • Last Update: 2022-01-08
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    Sinochem News Network News On December 31, 2021, Dongyue Group's new high-end PVDF project with an annual output of 10,000 tons began to lay the foundation.
    This is the largest single-scale high-end PVDF project with an annual output of 10,000 tons in China

    This project is an important part of Dongyue Group's annual output of 55,000 tons of high-end PVDF project planning

    The new project is expected to be completed and put into production in October 2022

    After being put into production, it can realize the supporting production of 10,000 tons/year of PVDF resin for power lithium-ion batteries, and Dongyue’s existing PVDF production equipment will form a 25,000 tons/year PVDF resin production scale

    Lin Heng , secretary of the Huantai County Party Committee, said that in the process of high-quality development, Dongyue has always kept a close eye on the frontier and forward-looking layout, focusing on the simultaneous expansion of fluorine silicon membrane and hydrogen.
    Since 2020, it has planned and implemented a major chain project of 14.
    8 billion yuan.
    The new material and new energy industry map has been improved, the industrial energy level has been improved, and strong momentum has been injected into the county to build a green high-end chemical and new material industrial base

    The 10,000-ton high-end PVDF project started today is a concrete practice of Dongyue actively responding to the national "dual-carbon" strategy and exploring green and low-carbon development

    Lin Heng, Secretary of the Party Committee of Huantai County

    Zhang Jianhong , Chairman of Dongyue Group, stated that Dongyue’s high-end 55,000-ton PVDF construction plan and the 10,000-ton power lithium-ion battery PVDF project started today are to meet the major needs of the country’s dual-carbon and new energy fields and meet domestic new energy vehicles.
    Need for key materials

    What we build is the PVDF industry chain that is not controlled by others in any link, and we will strive to achieve the world's leading scale, technology, technology, and product quality

    Zhang Jianhong, Chairman of Dongyue Group

    Under the background of China's "dual carbon", new energy vehicles have experienced explosive growth.
    In particular, a number of leading companies such as CATL and BYD have leapt into the world's strongest companies

    At the same time, under the strong pull of the lithium battery market, as the best material of choice for lithium battery binders, lithium battery separators, and solar battery backsheet encapsulation films, the demand for PVDF products has exploded, and there is a serious shortage of supply.

      "Compared with ordinary PVDF, lithium battery PVDF has high technical barriers, and there are no alternative products for the time being, and most of its sales are monopolized by a few foreign companies

    " Deputy General Manager and General Manager of Shandong Huaxia Shenzhou New Materials Co.

      In 2021, Dongyue will dock the existing 10,000-ton PVDF of new energy vehicles and make outstanding contributions to the healthy and safe development of China's new energy vehicle supply chain

    "Lithium-grade PVDF technology has high requirements and high barriers, and the product quality and production capacity of general enterprises are even more difficult to win the certification of downstream customers

    Vice President of Dongyue Group, General Manager of Shandong Huaxia Shenzhou New Materials Co.

      According to Wang Jun, relying on the strong scientific research platform of Dongyue Group and the rich and high-quality raw material sources of partner companies, Dongyue lithium-grade PVDF has been developed with high raw material utilization, no side reactions, mild reaction conditions, and environmentally friendly.
    The characteristic technical route, with excellent product application performance, is favored by domestic head enterprises, and has been applied in batches to global lithium battery giants

      "The 10,000-ton PVDF project will once again refresh Dongyue's "most", this will be another high-quality project on the development map of Dongyue's fluorosilicone membrane hydrogen industry chain
    " Dongyue Group President Wang Weidong said that the construction of the project will be Using the most advanced process design, the optimal production capacity of supporting equipment, from project design layout to one-click aggregation, to achieve a fully integrated process, open up the entire process automation operation, the project automation rate will reach more than 90%, and the polymerization capacity will increase by more than 35% , Creating a new high per capita production capacity
    Through precise planning and do a good job of "dual control" of energy consumption, the comprehensive energy saving can reach more than 20%, and the high-quality development of the project can be realized
    Realize zero emission of polymerization tail gas through process optimization, and actively respond to the "zero emission" policy of the park in terms of process water, supporting integrated water treatment facilities, realizing automatic treatment and recycling of wastewater, and truly turning the 10,000-ton PVDF project into a green environment.
    Strategic projects of scientific and technological innovation

    Wang Weidong, President of Dongyue Group
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