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    Don't fool yourself again... Import expired dairy products in the name of "feed" and ultimately not let it go.

    • Last Update: 2020-07-23
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    The expired imported baked dairy products are sold in the name of "feed", and they can't be eaten! LHN LHN recently, the office of Shanghai food and drug safety committee, together with Shanghai food and drug administration, Shanghai Public Security Bureau and other departments, jointly detected a case of illegal processing and sales of expired New Zealand imported baked dairy products

    According to the survey, in order to avoid supervision, the 276 tons of expired imported dairy products for baking were sold in multiple rounds in the name of "feed"

    After being repacked, they were sold to many places across the country through wholesale and online stores

    There are many customers who have chain cake stores until the crime has sold more than 100 tons

    LHN knitwear is also dizzy

    Although it was imported in the name of "feed", it still went to some cake shops, and finally it was eaten by people

    Alas! In the end, there is still a sign of interest in the middle

    It's just a split package, with a profit margin of nearly 100%

    LHN 2

    Big action of dairy industry: 4.6 billion! Yili acquired 37% equity of Shengmu, LHN LHN Shengmu, as the largest organic dairy company in China, is the only organic dairy company that meets the EU organic standard, and the only brand organic dairy company in China that provides 100% organic dairy products produced by its own certified organic pasture

    In 2015, Shengmu's revenue was 3.104 billion yuan, up 45.59% year on year, including 713 million yuan of organic raw milk and 1.656 billion yuan of organic liquid milk

    LHN Yili invested 4.6 billion to acquire Shengmu, which is said to be the first step for Yili to advance the strategic goal of "five strong and one hundred billion"

    As the third largest organic milk market in the world, Yili's active layout shows everyone the determination of the dairy giant to grow and strengthen

    Meanwhile, Shengmu has always been the raw milk supplier of Yili

    This action is also conducive to Yili's control of the quality of raw milk

    LHN 3, six strikes, Northeast soybean farmers "want to cry without tears" LHN LHN 2016 is an unusual year for Northeast farmers, and a painful year for farmers who grow corn and soybeans

    We all know that it has become a fact that planting corn does not earn money

    Planting soybeans has also suffered six blows

    The price is low, only rice and wheat are supporting themselves

    This year, the Northeast soybean suffered six strikes, resulting in the continuous depressed price, poor sales, soybean farmers holding grain, want to cry without tears; LHN's four strikes -- State Reserve's auction of old beans kept prices down; LHN's five strikes -- non transgenic soybean imports soared; Six strikes of LHN: the increase of planting area leads to total overproduction! The cheap LHN corn can't be cheaper

    If you don't plant corn and some soybeans, you will lose money this year

    What should you plant next year? However, the two components of corn and soybeans, which account for more than 80% of the feed, are all reducing prices

    The profits of feed enterprises should be good! LHN (author: Ruonan)
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