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    Don't just look at 618! Machine man's own "shopping festival" here!

    • Last Update: 2020-06-16
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    The annual online shopping festival has attracted much attention, and this year's 618 is no exceptionAlthough the beginning is still a week away, but in the major platforms under the show, shopping festival heat remains high, strong swipe screen of major websites and social platformsSmall editor want to say that 618 shopping festival can be seen as a life of the hand of the festival, but if you are a machine tool industry practitioners, if you want to take the business line, but also to see our machine tool people's own shopping festival - machine fair.
    It is reported that the machine tool business network machine expo will be with Ningbo Yazhu Exhibition Service Co, Ltdunder the "2020 21st China International Machine Tool Equipment Exhibition" to launch the online exhibition - Ningbo Machine Tool Equipment Exhibition , online exhibition ." This online exhibition will be held at the same time as the 21st China International Machine Tool Equipment Exhibition in 2020, and will bring you a different exhibition experienceJuly 9-12, log in to the "Ningbo Machine Tool Equipment Exhibition" online exhibition, we do not see!
    Having said that, you may still be puzzled by the eventLet the small editor for you a comprehensive introduction to the machine expo.
    Machine Expo is the machine tool business network this year to create online exhibition columnWe will launch a series of cloud machine tools with different themes through offline exhibitions or other cooperative approachesIt can be said that the machine fair is not only a useful complement to the offline exhibition, but also the machine tool industry online with goods of the emerging attempt.
    Technically, with the help of the business negotiation system provided by machine tool business network, enterprises can realize exhibitors, buyers online negotiations and inquiries based on the thriving online negotiation tools, online live platform and real-time interaction, and realize the exchange and docking on the cloud between buyers and sellers, and promote business cooperation between buyers and sellersIn particular, the two sides can conduct in-depth negotiations through the live page "online communication" function, establish orders and other follow-up processes, for the follow-up cooperation escortLive with goods and online docking, for you to create a new exhibition experience!
    So, what do companies do to participate in the expo?
    First, you will need to register through the Registration Page Later there will be customer service staff to connect with you If you are an exhibitor, we will open a booth for you, live broadcast, etc a series of online exhibition required permissions.
    Second, you need to decorate your booth After the permission is opened, you can use the background system to publish the exhibit information you will be exhibiting, corporate video, live broadcast, pictures, etc to make your online booth more attractive.
    Again, you need to connect your booth to the show by signing up for the "Online Show Management" feature in the background After success, submit "Exhibit content" at the "Registerable Exhibition" and you can check the video or live trailer you will be displaying (Note: If there is no live or video, please add it according to the prompts).
    Finally, download the machine tool through the app, log in to the account, according to the time you set the live broadcast, live on the mobile phone Warm reminder, the release of live broadcast can be through the "live delivery" function associated products, so that in the live broadcast, viewers can watch the live broadcast, while learning product details.
    If you still don't understand, you can see our strategy for you Oh! "Machine Expo - enterprise registration process guidance" or directly through the website of any contact contact customer service!
    At present, the machine fair has been with the industry's well-known exhibition company - Chongqing Lijia Conference Exhibition Co , Ltd successfully held on May 28 "the first Lijia International Intelligent Equipment Exhibition online exhibition." As of the closing, the machine fair - the first Lijia International Intelligent Equipment Exhibition online exhibition total participation of 1879 buyers, generated 3726 purchase orders, online consultation reached 6298 times, live access is more than 10,000 times.
    Therefore, machine tool business network and Ningbo Yazhu Exhibition Services Co , Ltd under the "2020 21st China International Machine Tool Equipment Exhibition" jointly launched the machine expo - Ningbo Machine Tool Equipment Exhibition online exhibition "click registration" can be said to be very worthy of everyone to look forward to.
    Line down line, a show done! July 9-12, machine tool people's own cloud shopping festival, you can not miss oh!
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