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    Don't model food nutrition Bananas are not "potassium" in the world

    • Last Update: 2021-02-05
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    I don't know when it started, people began to have a patterned view of nutrition in food. When it comes to certain nutrients, people will think of a certain food, and when it comes to certain foods, it will often make people think of a certain nutrient-related ingredient. For example, when it comes to vitamin
    , people immediately think of lemons and oranges; when it comes to potassium, people think of bananas; when it comes to carotene, people think of carrots; when it comes to spinach, they think of iron or herbal acid; when it comes to celery, they think of blood pressure
    In fact, you are unknowingly

    new ban
    , the world's rich variety of ingredients to give people unlimited choice, on nutrition, but also
    strong middle hand


    Nutritional health could not be modeled in this way. The nutritional truth about a lot of food will surprise us, don't you believe it? Take a look at a few examples of the nutritional value of food:

    bananas are not


    the potassium contained in taro, about
    50% more than bananas
    In fact, all potatoes are a great source of potassium. By swapping a bowl of rice for potatoes with the same starchy content, potassium intake can
    times. People who urinate more, such as diabetics, kidney stones, gout, hypertension, and people who eat too much salt, are prone to losing too much potassium, and it's a good idea to eat potatoes instead of staple foods.

    fact, among green leafy vegetables, potassium content exceeds bananas abound, such as spinach, mustard blue, lettuce leaves, hollow vegetables, leeks, purple-backed geraniums and so on. Since Chinese can eat a variety of green leafy vegetables, why must and do not like to eat vegetables in the West to turn to bananas?

    a really good source of magnesium

    magnesium for strong bones, blood pressure control are very important, but also known as

    repressant nutrients
    . But when it comes to magnesium, people usually think of bananas. In fact, it's just a magnesium-containing champion in fruit. Almost all dark green leafy vegetables are a good source of magnesium, with levels that can reach or even exceed the levels found in bananas. The reason is simple: every chloroenic molecule contains a magnesium ion, so the greener the color, the more magnesium it contains.

    other source of magnesium is nuts and seeds, such as
    grams of watermelon seeds, which is equivalent to
    grams of magnesium in green leafy vegetables. However, leafy greens have only
    calories and nuts
    . Therefore, if you are afraid of fat, eating green leafy vegetables to supplement potassium and magnesium is the best choice.

    potato vitamin
    is not bad

    it is generally believed that vegetables rich in vitamin
    is the best tomato, in fact, potatoes contain more vitamin
    than tomatoes. Not only potatoes, sweet potatoes, taro, yams and other potato foods are containing a lot of vitamins
    . Vitamins and C in a variety of leafy green
    than tomatoes.

    green pepper is the vitamin
    champion in vegetables, but it is less acidic and its vitamin
    is more lost in cooking. Although the vitamin
    content of potatoes is only
    of green peppers, but because starch on vitamin
    has a strong protective effect, in the cooking process, potato vitamin
    loss is very small. Therefore, if you use potatoes as a staple food, even if you no longer eat other fruits and vegetables, vitamin
    can basically meet the needs of the human body. In the past, northerners couldn't eat vegetables in winter, but many people were not
    because they often used potatoes and sweet potatoes as their staple food.

    To understand the nutritional value of food, do not just remember a few so-called
    , in fact, many foods are not worse than their nutritional value, but less well-known. Therefore, a healthy diet does not have to be tied to a certain food, the most important thing is a reasonable combination of all kinds of food. One kind of food you do not like to eat, can be replaced by other food, so as to make delicious and nutritious without delay.
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