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    "Double Eleven" is coming soon, and the demand for autumn and winter has risen to the "explosion" of dyeing factories!

    • Last Update: 2021-07-20
    • Source: Internet
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    Recently, some grey fabric factories lined up to wait for goods, and the news that dyeing factories burst their warehouses and squeezed the card has spread in the textile circle up and down, and market confidence has recovered a lot

    The rebound in the weaving market is bound to be closely related to upstream and downstream enterprises.
    The annual "Double Eleven" is approaching, and some printing and dyeing factories have already experienced an explosion!
    The price of grey cloth is also rising constantly, it seems that the momentum after the National Day is a bit fierce!

    The demand for woven cold-proof fabrics and knitted home textile fabrics has been significantly enlarged!
    Some grey fabric shipments are restricted

    At present, "Double Eleven" clothing has already entered the production stage, so the recent textile market has begun to become more busy


    Through the visit, the editor understands that the textile market in the early period of the National Day has accelerated, and the autumn and winter home textile fabrics have a good momentum of delivery.
    During the National Day, the weaving market not only increased prices frequently, but also staged conventional products led by polyester taffeta and pongee.
    The drama of "the money is out of stock"

    "Recently, the market is unbelievable.
    The price of grey fabrics has indeed risen.
    Our factory has basically no inventory for a few days.
    The single row of polyester taffeta will be at the end of next month

    " said a weaving company

    It is understood that conventional fabrics, including polyester taffeta and pongee, have increased compared with the previous period


    During the National Day, more than 500 million trips in the country are enough to explain what is called the "Eleventh Golden Week", but in addition to the very lively and gratifying scenes in tourism and transportation, the total number of passengers in shopping malls across the country also reached 305 million


    The outburst of shopping traffic will inevitably drive the clothing consumer market, especially since the beginning of October, most cities in China are already in autumn, and the weather has gradually turned cooler.
    The clothing market has opened up autumn and winter clothing sales

    And from the current factory orders are mostly high-elastic pongee, conventional pongee, T400, T800 and other autumn and winter fabrics and lining varieties

    A manufacturer of conventional grey fabrics such as pongee fabrics also stated that orders for National Day have increased significantly, with an increase of 50% compared to September.
    The main reason is that the down jacket fabrics in the second half of the year have begun to loosen and the number is increasing


    According to industry sources, at present, the downstream texturing and weaving will be shut down during the National Day holiday.
    After that, they will resume work and start up.
    The overall knitting order rate is good.
    Knitted fleece fabrics: coral fleece, short plush , Flannel, velvet, etc.
    became the main upper-class varieties on the market in the fourth quarter

    As the temperature drops, the demand for woven fabrics such as cold-proof leisure fabrics and home textile fabrics has increased significantly, and some silk scarf-like fabrics have entered the normal production


    The market suddenly improved, and some dyeing factories couldn't bear it: they burst their positions!

    "A few days after the National Day, the order volume in the factory can be said to be very hot

    The quantity of grey fabrics in the warehouse is 700-800,000 meters every day.
    Now all the machinery and equipment in the factory are in full production.
    This situation has been rushed at the beginning of this year.
    It appeared at the time, and did not appear again until October

    But now it is not enough to start full production according to the daily inventory volume, and it is estimated that it is not far from the warehouse explosion

    " said the person in charge of the dyeing factory


    Orders have improved, in fact, it is very obvious before the holiday

    It is understood that the market situation of this dyeing factory suddenly improved more than a week before the National Day, and the daily warehouse volume was able to stabilize at about 700,000 meters.
    You must know the daily warehouse volume in the factory in mid-September.
    Most of them are hovering around 300,000 to 400,000 meters, and the overall operating rate is maintained at around 60%

    The market flipped in just half a month, and it continues to be surprisingly gratifying

    For this reason, their National Day holiday has dropped from 3 days last year to 2 days this year


    In previous years, it was the peak season of "Silver Ten", but now, although the number of orders is increasing, it is still not as good as before

    Therefore, many market participants still look forward to the increase in order volume

    The editor believes that the number of orders will continue to increase, and the current market orders are the main ones, mainly for the "Double Eleven" clothing e-commerce stock


    With the arrival of Double Eleven in the later period, many stores launched pre-sale activities, and there are activities such as payment of deposits.
    Merchants can obtain the purchase quantity in advance and prepare the goods in advance, so the merchants will continue to place orders

    In addition, as the El Niño phenomenon hits again this year and the temperature drops, the demand for cold-proof clothing fabrics may rebound, which will drive the market to take the goods


    According to the market in previous years, September and October are the most prosperous period in the second half of the year.
    Orders will gradually decrease after November, but orders for next year will be placed one after another

    However, the entire market is still facing the status quo of overcapacity, and textile bosses still need to pay attention to the situation of order placement and foreign trade situation in the market outlook


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