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    Dow AGILITY is ™ high-performance low-density polyethylene family

    • Last Update: 2020-12-03
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    Dow Chemical today announced the expansion of its AGILITY ™ high-performance low-density polyethylene (LDPE) resin portfolio. New resin solutions help film manufacturers achieve lightweight coating at medium to low line speeds to address packaging challenges in the Asia Pacific region.
    's latest AGILITY™ EC7030 high-performance LDPE resin uses Dow's new tube polymerization patented technology to meet the needs of the Asia Pacific region for conversion from autoclave to tubing

    . This new product further enriches the AGILITYTM portfolio and is suitable for extruders at different speeds and can be used in the production of a wide range of end products.
    AGILITY™ High-performance LDPE resin series is designed to meet and exceed the performance targets of traditional autoclave LDPE resins and provide long-term sustainable solutions for older LDPE autoclave equipment, while achieving lightweight coatings and increasing material utilization. AGILITY™ Extrusive Coating Resin's first generation products are designed for high-speed coating at low cladding thicknesses and can be used in high-end products such as sterile packaging.
    Asia Pacific customers are looking for a resin solution that minimizes waste due to "neck shrink" and "waste edge" while providing excellent bonding strength and sealing performance. The AGILITY ™ EC7030 was developed to meet these local needs. "The product inherits traditional advantages such as the high melt strength of the AGILITY™ series, making it ideal for medium- and low-speed coating machines common in the Asia-Pacific region, while perfectly balancing processing needs with the two major issues of improving key product performance," said Xiao Koda, Marketing Director for Asia Pacific for Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics Business Packaging Line.
    AGILITY™ EC7030 is widely used, including snack packaging, small bags, composite hoses, paper cups, pharmaceutical packaging, liquid cartons, off-the-box paper, tarpaulins/fabrics and earthfilms.

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