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    Dow pushes new PCR resin in Asia Pacific

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    Tows developed and commercialized a new type of post-consumer recycling (PCR) formulation resinThe new resin is designed for thermal shrink film applications in the Asia Pacific regionnew resin contains 40% of the post-consumer recycled material, which produces a film with a similar properties to the primary resinThe product model, XUS 60921.01, is made of waste plastic recycled in China by Dow's strategic recycling partners and is produced from an external production site in Nanjing, China"This new resin helps to achieve a circular plastic economy and meets the performance needs of brands and consumers," said Bambang Candra, Vice President, Asia Pacific, packaging and specialty plastics business atAs a materials science company, we have a responsibility to bring these products to market and prevent plastic waste from being released into the environment"
    As the demand for e-commerce grows, durable, efficient packaging protects products across the supply chain and minimizes waste for consumersIt is reported that Dow's new post-consumer recycling formula resin has a good shrinkage, stability and durability, not only for brands and consumers to provide product safety transport protection, but also reduce the environment of waste plastic, to achieve economic and environmental benefitsthe resin can be used 100% in the middle layer of the thermal shrink film, so that the total shrink film structure of the recycled material content of 13% to 24%New post-consumer recycled resin formulations reduce CARBON dioxide emissions and energy consumption, helping processors, brands and retailers achieve their sustainable goals and providing a new life span for plastics that would otherwise become wasteSuny Markose, Asia Pacific Recycling Business Director forDow's packaging and specialty plastics business, said: "Developing new waste plastic end markets can help stimulate recycling of waste plastics, allow more recycled plastics to be redeveloped, and reduce the entry of plastic waste into the environment"
    this circular economy solution is a key component of Dow's sustainability strategy, focusing on integrating recycled materials into products to create a recyclable circular economy of plastics
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