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    "Dr. Black Face" Yi Fan's Road to Resoptization: Strive for an early return to the operating table

    • Last Update: 2021-01-13
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    Just past 2020, it has been a year of gratitude and hope for Yi Fan, a cardiovascular surgeon at Wuhan City Center Hospital, and his family.
    this year, many people walked side by side with them through a period of dangerous life.
    "difficult rescue" at that time, the worst result may be to wake up "Yifan Wuhan City Center Hospital cardiovascular surgeon.
    January 22, 2020, during surgery on a patient, Yi Fan became unwell and, after CT and blood routine tests, was diagnosed with neo-coronary pneumonia, from a doctor to a patient.
    Yifan was admitted to Wuhan City Center Hospital before being transferred to Wuhan Lung Hospital.
    his condition continued to worsen, he was put on a ventilator by paramedics and used the ECMO life support system.
    Yifan: at first did not expect so heavy, and then when the intring began to be afraid, all the intring doctors and colleagues who advised me to intring are tearful to tell me, then the worst result may be awake.
    before the intring, Yi Fan tried to call his wife Sun Yingjie, he wanted to tell his wife about something, but that day his wife's cell phone was locked in the house, YiFan did not account for anything.
    intring treatment began, Yifan's condition worsened and he fell into a severe coma.
    March 3, Zhan Qingyuan, head of the critical care team of the China-Japan Friendship Hospital's National Anti-Epidemic Medical Team, led the team to take over the task of emergency rescue of Yifan.
    as an expert in respiratory and critical care medicine at the Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital, Zhan Qingyuan led the team to take over a critical care area in the Sino-French New Town Hospital district of Tongji Hospital in Wuhan.
    took over from Yi Fan, he had been stationed in Wuhan for 32 days.
    Yifan: I have the possibility of not saving, any machine on the road some problems, the machine does not turn, pipe fall off that is fatal.
    he can understand if he doesn't pick me up, then the heavy patient you take over in case your death rate hits your hand goes up, it's definitely bad for your reputation.
    they didn't think about it that much, they didn't think about the risks, and I really admired them.
    Qingyuan: We are colleagues, he was unfortunately infected in the work, in the public and private reason I particularly want to save him.
    I was talking to my colleagues, we all went swimming by the river, he fell into the river was flooded, almost drowned, I can swim myself and even take the swimming ring, you say I can not save him?" I must save him.
    the hospital, under the guidance of Wang Chen, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the medical team performed a tracheolyser on Yifan.
    : If I don't cut the trachea open, I have to use a lot of sedatives in my mouth, I can't wake up, I can't cough up sputum.
    after cutting the trachea can stop, I have my own reflexes, to the recovery of the disease is helpful.
    suscion after coma" head is full of hallucinations to see the infusion single startled" Yi Fan and his wife Sun Yingjie have a daughter, after the outbreak, the daughter was sent to his grandfather's home.
    Yifan was admitted to the hospital, the family was left with Only Sun Yingjie alone, waiting alone for news from the hospital.
    : Hospital leaders basically call me every day, and many friends say to me, we have been around you, where you need it.
    including turning on his cell phone, I saw the patient he had treated texting him, saying, "It's hard to see the news on the Internet that you're infected, the news says you need plasma, I don't know if my blood can be used for you."
    " I felt that being a doctor was not in vain, even if he gave his life, it was worth it.
    7, the fourth day of his transfer, Yi Fan recovered from a 35-day coma.
    , friends and Sun Yingjie finally waited until this day.
    : I didn't know anything until I woke up, my head was full of hallucinations.
    a little bit clearer, I asked them to show me my infusion list, and after watching it, I was startled that the top antibiotics were used to prove that I had a bad infection.
    such a heavy antibiotic, I would not normally use it, I can live really not easy.
    : Before he wakes up, his doctor contacts me to say that you're recording some videos at home, or looking for some sounds and photos he likes, so that he doesn't wake up alone.
    called my daughter that night and I said Dad might be awake. The daughter made a manual for the new crown patient, which had what Dad might want to say when he woke up, Dad's needs.
    we got to the early hours of the morning, and the next morning I took the book to the hospital and handed it in to my colleagues.
    s unexpected happiness" is now particularly important to the family" March 15, Yi Fan's condition improved significantly, the medical team for him to withdraw the ECMO life support system.
    , Yifan, who had been fighting the new coronavirus for 99 days, finally walked out of the hospital.
    Yingjie: I used to pick him up, the moment they handed Yifan into my hands, I was a little blindsided.
    they said you were coming, your husband was coming, and I was overwhelmed at the moment.
    it was the most wooden day of the past month or two, and I was a little surprised by that happiness.
    when asked about the escape from the ghost gate, what is particularly important, The answer is family.
    Ifan: before owe them more, to slowly replenish them, come back basically at home, 24 hours at home to watch them busy in and out, watching the children do their homework, do not do well will also lose two tempers, but now less, can not criticize her as far as possible not to criticize her.
    Yifan and Sun Yingjie met and fell in love during the SARS outbreak in 2003.
    married in 2008.
    June 28 is the wedding anniversary of two people, this year's day, is still recovering Yi Fan to give his wife and daughter a special memorial.
    Yingjie: He is actually a person who doesn't know much about romance, and that day he was still recovering, and he held us a family of three to the restaurant.
    when I went in, I saw the red stone is the shape of the heart, I was particularly moved, tears can not help but flow out.
    that day when the three of us raised the glass, although it was all pure water, but at that moment I think this sense of celebration is really long gone.
    I did complain that he spent too little time in the family.
    but these days when he was unconscious and couldn't communicate with me, I knew that as a doctor, his efforts were well received.
    that in the future Yifan can help more patients, is what I now most desire.
    Yingjie: I think love a person, you have to support his favorite, when he tried to bring health and peace to the patient at that moment, I think everything is worth it.
    all I can do is he's watching over the patient, I'm guarding him.
    re-birth from scratch "every day to practice vascular stitches to get back to the operating table after six months" after the re-birth of Yifan, meaning that a lot of things have to start from scratch.
    challenge, starting when he removed ECMO and removed all pipelines.
    : The day I took down ECMO, did you know why Director Zhan gave me a cotton swab to feed me water? Because I lost my ability to swallow, I began to learn from drinking water and taking medicine.
    more than a month has passed and it's only a little better to eat.
    to tell the truth, at that time a little frustrated, even these basic functions can not reach, how can be restored? But the people around me are helping me, what to eat every day, how much to eat, how much to hit from the nasal gastric tube, and then how much to stutter, all give me a good, repeated to stimulate you, let you re-remember these instincts, get restored.
    Yifan: This is to do heart surgery must lead, although my hand is still a little shaking, but I am full of energy, strive to recover in half a year.
    : The hands that used to be very flexible are now shaking.
    watching him practice, I was a little sad at first, but I was grateful to see him improve day by day.
    process carries the power of millions of people, and it is a hope that he will help more patients in the future.
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