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    Dr. Fleming's "Antique Mold" sold for a high price.

    • Last Update: 2020-09-11
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    Just some disgusting mold actually made nearly $15,000, the equivalent of 100,209 yuan.
    the outside world to see the lively, the inside doorman! When you know it's from Dr. Fleming's hands, you don't think it's ridiculous.
    Bonhams auctioned Off Dr Alexander Fleming's mold on March 1st, with a handwritten note from Dr Fleming describing it as the first time it had been used to make penicillin.
    , who has not been named, is a big buyer for the high-tech "antique mold."
    Fleming found penicillin.
    in 1945, he shared the Nobel Prize in Medicine with Ernst Boris Chain and Howard Walter Nobel.
    there's no doubt that the mold belongs to Fleming, but no one really knows if it came from the first batch of yellow penicillin that Fleming used to experiment with.
    it took Fleming many years to bring his work to the attention of the scientific community.
    when he succeeded in getting the spotlight, he began filling them with round glass and giving them as gifts to dignitaries and scientists.
    dozens of people, including Pope Pius II, Winston Churchill and Marlene Dele, have received these mold gifts in the past few years.
    , according to Kevin Brown, archivist at the Alexander Fleming Laboratory Museum, not everyone who received the gift was happy with the world-changing mold, which can fight infection.
    particular need to be noted is Queen Elizabeth's husband, Prince Philip, who has received such gifts many times but has never actually accepted them.
    whenever he met Fleming, he received a mold gift from Fleming, " he said.
    ," Brown said.
    to be honest, mold is quite disgusting.
    understandably, if someone is overwhelmed by such a gift.
    at the time, people probably didn't realize penicillin was so important.
    estimates that Fleming's discovery has saved between 80 million and 200 million people.
    now, this disgusting but life-saving "antique" is owned by a rich man.
    The matter has also generated some controversy: it has been pointed out that Fleming, despite his discovery of penicillin, has published only two papers, and that the possible medical value of penicillin has been explicitly mentioned only once in his second paper, "Penicillin or a chemical of a similar nature may be used for the treatment of septic wounds", which is the only prediction he has made about the function of penicillin.
    Even in a speech commemorating Fleming's contribution, it was pointed out that Fleming's landmark 1929 paper, published in France in 1928, was a monograph devoted to the literature on mold and other bacteria, and on the observation of antibacterial bacteria, to show that Fleming did not really understand the value of penicillin.
    After, Fleming did not actively separate purified penicillin, nor did he actively promote penicillin research to make it a therapeutic drug (both of which were made by the Oxford team, of which Flori and Chan were the main personnel).
    didn't even properly preserve the penicillin species he found, but Raistrcik, a visionary professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, kept it and handed it over to the Oxford team.
    Others believe that penicillin can be rapidly widely used in clinical areas, thanks to the brutal Second World War and Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor, prompting the United States to join the war, otherwise Chan may not be able to successfully lobby the United States into penicillin research and development.
    , the separation and purification of penicillin is extremely difficult, and its aqueous solution is extremely unstable and easily decomposed.
    is highly lethal to guinea pigs when the substance is used orally, and no one would think the drug is worth developing as it is now.
    strains that Fleming first discovered were extremely low-yielding.
    high-yield strains were found in the United States, and a number of key technologies and clinical studies were conducted in the United States.
    also accused the initial media campaign of being entirely Fleming's personal stage.
    and hard work done by the Oxford team, which was either ignored or brought along, was forgotten.
    not the Oxford team, and even if Fleming did, he couldn't make drugs.
    this, in the 1999 issue of U.S. News and World Report, intriguing captions were assosted to three people who had won the Nobel Prize in 1945.
    Fleming - he didn't turn his back on photographers; Flori - was cold to the press; and Chann, a young biochemist, analyzed and purified penicillin.
    Despite Fleming's criticism, there is no doubt that penicillin has saved millions of lives and will certainly continue to save many more in the future, much of the credit to Fleming, who made the most important discovery.
    As Harris, head of the Department of Pathology at Oxford, put it: "Without Fleming, there would be no money and Flori; without Chann, there would be no Flori; without Flori, there would be no Heatley; and without Hitley, there would be no Panicillin."
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