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    Dr. Hong Jiang, Chief Technology Officer of Time Group: To technological innovation, seek brand differentiation.

    • Last Update: 2020-10-27
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    In the first half of this year, the well-known brand rating and consultancy Chnbrand online released the 2020 China Brand Power Index (C-BPI) brand ranking and analysis report, Libang for eight consecutive years on the list, won the paint industry's first award, known as the "2020 C-BPI gold brand."
    according to Dr. Hong Jiang, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Libang China's parent company, Singapore Time Group, Libang continues to introduce differentiated technology solutions to meet market demand through research and development investment, and has built up its core technology advantages in the coatings industry over time, so that end-consumers and industrial customers fully recognize and accept Libang's innovative products and brand image.
    , chief technology officer (CTO) of Lishu Group, three strategies, comprehensive layout technology strategic transformation a few years ago, Libang China decided to "paint" in the "Libang paint" word removed.
    a very important strategic decision for the opposing states.
    This began, Libang's products are no longer limited to the paint itself, but towards two broader and more far-reaching development goals: horizontal expansion of the product category, vertical deepening of coating applications of service technology.
    of the three strategies formulated by the Lisse Group for 2018-2020 is to promote technological innovation to the strategic level of the Group, to strengthen the importance of technology for the long-term development of enterprises, to differentiate technology and products, and to seek brand differentiation.
    as the Group's Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Hong Jiang firmly believes that "technological research and development innovation with the times is the source of sustainable development of enterprises."
    " to this end, Dr. Hong Jiang led the technical team from three aspects to develop the Group's technology transformation and upgrading strategy and planning, and vigorously promote the implementation.
    first is the optimization and reorganization of the Group's technical organizational structure.
    and upgrade of the team will be accompanied by the entire technology transformation process, team cohesion and combat effectiveness is also the guarantee of the technology transformation.
    In the past three years, Libang has introduced a group of high-end research and development talents with international vision and advanced concepts to join the core research and development team, and has invited first-class experts in the field of coatings abroad to train and train members of the technical team.
    second is the improvement of innovation ability in research and development.
    From the first raw material development technology, color technology, to the country and the market more and more attention to product environmental protection, production technology, to create innovative technology and products, differentiation of the core technology is an important link in research and development in Libang.
    recent years, time groups have filed more than 100 patent applications a year.
    2020, as of mid-July, time group patent applications have reached 84, has been granted 38.
    the same time, time group set up a digital information platform of electronic experimental record books, not only to improve efficiency, but also for future research and development set up a large database.
    is the implementation of open innovation model, making full use of external research and development network to accelerate the speed of research and development and results output.
    adhering to the spirit of open innovation, Libang and customers, suppliers, major universities and research institutes at home and abroad continue to deepen cooperation, to promote Libang's technological strategy transformation and accelerate the development and commercialization of innovative products.
    "We have an organized, strategic partnership with our customers and suppliers that is demand-oriented, but more than that, we want to identify and address potential customer pain points," says Dr. Hongjiang.
    " Take Capital, one of China's largest steel companies, as an example, and in October 2018 Libang and Manda established a joint innovation center to provide High Value Added Services and Products to Capital from the industrial chain, making a special color effect that can only be presented on rolled steel.
    Speaking of the transformation of technology strategy, Dr. Hong Jiang is confident, "through research and development investment, continue to introduce differentiated technology solutions, and gradually establish the core technology advantages in the coatings industry, so that consumers and industrial customers more recognized Libang's innovative products and brand image."
    " more than paint, forward-looking innovation to drive industry innovation applications with a comprehensive layout and technological innovation explosion, the future of the state will have unlimited possibilities.
    , leading the future is about daring to break the framework.
    "We've been moving forward and doing a lot of work ahead of the existing market, " he said.
    this also follows Libang's corporate vision of becoming a leader in coating technology.
    become a technology leader, you can't just be a follower.
    ", driven by such a strategy, the state has already begun to act.
    2017, Libang established a research and development and innovation center in China, focusing on the research and development of core coating technologies.
    2018, Dr. Hong jiang led the establishment of an emerging business unit focused on developing businesses that are not currently of concern but may be of great help to the group's operations.
    , for example, in the field of driverless cars, Libang is already working on a "smart road" system that applies a much higher reflectivity to roads than traditional ones.
    2019, Libang has made great efforts in the automotive sector to successfully introduce a unique high-solid water color paint system for automotive compact processes, helping automotive host manufacturers to effectively reduce energy consumption.
    in order to overcome the related technical problems, the formula system supporting the integration, Libang opened from resin to color paste to the core fluidizer system-wide independent research and development.
    "to be truly differentiated and to make the products that best meet the market demand, " Dr. Hong said.
    , lightweight applications have become an important trend in the automotive sector, driven by green environmental protection and energy conservation.
    after years of research and development, Libang recently successfully launched a fiber-state color ® technology with independent intellectual property rights, successfully solved the low-temperature spraying problem of carbon fiber composite substrate, the final sprayed substrate can reach the A-grade surface required by the car, and has a variety of colors and effects of choice.
    despite the technology's strong forward-looking approach, Libang has begun to work with downstream manufacturers to promote the commercial application of this cutting-edge technology.
    Looking to the future, with technology research and development investment to continue to lead the development in March 2020, "Time Group and Libang China (Asia-Pacific) Research and Development Innovation Center" announced the establishment of a total area of 45,000 square meters, with first-class research and development infrastructure and laboratory equipment, can accommodate thousands of multidisciplinary technical personnel to assume time group in Libang China and the Asia-Pacific region's core and forward-looking technology research and development.
    it is worth mentioning that Libang's future is not only in the field of coatings, there will be more cross-border integration.
    based on years of in-depth collaboration, Time Group and the world's top research institution, the Singapore Science and Technology Authority, Agency for Science Technology and Research plan to extend the partnership to cross-border applications of emerging technologies and coatings.
    to this, Dr. Hong Jiang said, "The partnership with A-STAR is strategic, cross-border innovation is becoming a trend in various industries, and future collaboration will expand to include driverless and artificial intelligence combined with coatings."
    " "customer-centric, curiosity, the courage to explore", this is Dr. Hong Jiang to promote the Lishe Group research and development and technology team adhering to the cultural creed, but also witnessed the four years of Libang in technology research and development and forward-looking innovation on the fruitful results.
    At the same time, the Group will accelerate the strategic transformation of the Group's technology strategy through win-win cooperation with partners in the industrial chain and ecosystem, continuously introduce market-leading technologies and products, help China's green manufacturing, achieve coordinated development of enterprises, society and the environment, and enhance the overall technical level of the coatings industry in China and Asia.
    As Dr. Hong Said, the computer industry has Intel inside, and in 2017 he proposed Nippon Paint inside, driven by technology, and believes that Libang will continue to lead the industry and forge a colorful future.
    "You're going to witness a technological transformation, and you're going to see a whole new, different state!" Dr. Hong Jiang concluded with confidence.
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